Does Eating Pineapple Help Induce Labor?

does eating pineapple help induce labor

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Pregnancy is a crucial stage in a woman’s life. While you are pregnant, keeping track of the foods that you consume is of immense importance for both you and your baby. A little carelessness could impact your baby’s development, so it makes the task even more crucial.

While some ‘rules’ of eating during pregnancy are pretty straightforward, there are others that are tricky and hard to understand. One such ‘rule’ of eating during pregnancy is the one that refers to pineapples. There are varying theories about eating pineapple to induce labor. While some suggest that it is okay to consume the fruit, most say that eating pineapples is a strict no during those crucial nine months. Here in this post you will learn how does pineapple induce labor along with its advantages & disadvantages.

Why It May Not Be A Good Idea To Consume During Pregnancy?

Uncovering the controversies around pineapple:

  • It has been found that pineapple is rich in natural sugars, which is not really helpful in
    women affected by gestational diabetes.
  • Certain studies have found that pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to weaken the cervix and stimulate uterine contractions.
  • This could also lead to premature delivery.

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Why It May Be A Good Idea To Consume During Pregnancy?

Let’s have a look on the benefits of consuming pineapple:

  • Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is packed with vitamin C. This makes it a preferable food to be consumed, even during pregnancy.
  • When the expecting mother requires more than normal amounts of nutrients for the development of her baby, pineapple can be the answer.
  • Pineapple is also rich in fiber. It keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents constipation, which is yet another common problem associated with pregnancy.

Advantages of Eating Pineapple To Induce Labor:

Traditionally, pineapple juice was used as a natural method to induce uterine contractions. This helps women progress into labor. It was believed that the enzyme bromelain was responsible for softening the cervix and causing early labor.

However, this is only the case with fresh pineapples. Canned pineapples tend to lose out on a lot of the enzyme bromelain, which makes it a good food to be consumed during pregnancy.

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Disadvantages of Eating Pineapple To Induce Labor:

Apart from being credited for causing uterine contractions, pineapple is also known to cause heartburn if consumed in large quantities. Packed with vitamin C and other digestive enzymes, pineapple is also known to cause diarrhea in some cases, which could be a matter of concern during pregnancy.

It has also been reported that pregnant women who consume green and unripe pineapples during pregnancy have a higher risk of being affected by miscarriages and premature births. If consumed during the early weeks of pregnancy.

If you’re affected by gestational diabetes, consuming pineapple could be harmful for both you and your baby as it contains good amounts of natural sugars that could cause blood sugar levels to spike up.

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The Verdict:

Following the basic thumb rule of ‘eating in moderation’ is probably the best way to glide through pregnancy without any complications whatsoever. An excess of anything is bad, no matter how good the nutrient or food is.

If you’re doubtful about consuming pineapple during pregnancy (or any other food for that matter), seek your practitioner’s opinion. It is the most credible and trustworthy advice you could follow.

Different bodies react differently, and pregnancy is a very crucial time. Make sure you rule out the possibility of any risks whatsoever by sticking to moderate amounts of the fruit, even if your practitioner says you are in ‘safe zone’.

Have tried and tested tips? Share them with other mommies-to-be in the comment section below.

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