10 Best Wii Games Your Toddler Will Love To Play

Wii Games Your Toddler

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Looking for some fun games to introduce your toddler to the Wii? Or are you simply looking for new games for your toddler to enjoy? If you nodded along in fervent agreement, you might want to read our post. Here is our collection of 10 best Wii games for toddlers.

What Is A Wii?

Just in case you are not yet familiar with the concept of Wii, it is a home gaming console. Wii was released in the year 2006 by the brand Nintendo. The Wii is a direct competition with various popular gaming consoles like the Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. The Wii remote control is the most popular device, as it moonlights as a pointing device and a motion sensor. Wii games range from games for young kids, toddlers, and teens to even adults. Check out 10 amazing and best wii games for preschoolers here.

1. Nickelodeon Fit:

Nickelodeon Fit

Image : Nintendo

Nickelodeon Fit is a great game to make your toddler get up and jump.

  • It is specially made for toddlers who are less than three.
  • The game features some favorite childhood characters like Dora The Explorer, Kai Lan, the Fresh Beat Band and more.
  • It combines easy workouts with fun.
  • The characters speak out the instructions that your toddler can easily follow.

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2. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves:

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves

Image : Nintendo

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves is a fun dance version from Disney of the game Dance Dance Revolution.

  • The game features various songs that your toddlers will love.
  • It also features many of your toddler’s favorite Disney characters.
  • You have to help your toddler to dress up their favorite characters in Disney costumes.
  • Join in a fun dance session where you face off the Mickey Mouse gang.

3. Go Diego Go Great Dinosaur Rescue:

Go Diego Go Great Dinosaur Rescue

Image : Nintendo

The Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue game will be perfect for your toddler at a preschool level.

  • It is an adventure game that will keep your toddler entertained and excited.
  • Your toddler will have to follow and perform various movements. Your toddler’s aim is to help Diego in completing his mission.
  • The characters are spoken out loud by the characters and will help your toddler perform all required actions.

4. Wii Sports:

Wii Sports

Image : Nintendo

This is one of the best toddler wii games. This particular Wii Sports mostly comes free when you buy the Wii gaming console.

  • The Wii Sports will be a great game for your toddler.
  • The game can be a perfect introduction to your toddler in learning to push the right buttons. It will teach your toddler about various coordination moves like what happens on pushing a certain button.
  • You may have to guide your toddler initially to do the correct motions before he can play the tennis and bowling games.

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5. UDraw For Wii:

UDraw For Wii

Image : Nintendo

UDraw For Wii is a fun way to encourage your budding artist.

  • The game features an electronic pad and a stylus.
  • It allows your toddler to create any kind of drawing that he wants.
  • Once your toddler is a little older, he can learn about photo-editing software and enhance the drawings.
  • You can save the drawings that your toddler makes in the memory card. Once done, you can get it printed on a computer.