10 Cute Goofy Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Is your child a great fan of Goofy, the dog? Are you looking or some Goofy coloring sheets to please your little one? Well, then this post is just for you.

Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog, unique in his ways. Having appeared in several animated films and countless cartoons, Goofy is an iconic Disney character. Shy, confused and clumsy Goofy appeals to kids of all ages. Here is a collection of Goofy coloring pages free to print engaged in different activities.

1. Goofy With The Candy Canes:

Goofy’s main flaw is his clumsiness, as you can see in this coloring sheet. He drops the candy cane while trying to bring it to the spot. Goofy tries his best to do the work in the best possible way, but always messes up. Nevertheless, he is incredibly adorable.

2. Goofy Playing Soccer:

Goofy often appears as a clumsy and dimwitted, but this interpretation is not always definitive. He has many times shown his smartness, albeit in an eccentric and unusual way. As appears in this coloring sheet, Goofy has scored a goa

l and is jumping with joy.

3. Goofy With Mickey:

Mickey is Goofy’s best friend. Goofy’s antics annoy Mickey big time, but still he loves Goofy a lot, a tad more than Donald Duck. Goofy is extremely loyal to Mickey and always lends his hand to him whenever Mickey needs his help.

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4. Goofy With Donald And Mickey:

Mickey, Goofy, and Donald, the three most famous Disney characters are always together. They always undertake every adventure together, no matter how dangerous it is. This coloring sheet is an excellent way to teach your child about friendship and cooperation.

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5. Goofy On Safari:

Here is an amusing coloring sheet of Goofy, Donald, and Mickey on safari. The trio is busy checking out the plants unaware that a lion is behind them. This scene is from Goofy’s short cartoon film ‘Goofy on Safari’. In the cartoon, Goofy takes the viewers through the different aspects of Kenya, right from the local animals to the traditional dress. It an educational program, with each episode introducing facts about Africa and Kenya.

6. Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is the time when friends and family to come together and thank the Almighty for the abundant harvest. This coloring sheet show Goofy and his friends enjoying the Thanksgiving treat. The coloring sheet will provide additional scope for your kids to play with the color through this detailed background.

7. Goofy Halloween:

If you are looking for a fun coloring sheet to keep your child occupied during the Halloween, then here is the one for you. It features Goofy dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween. He is also carrying a bag full of candies for the little children. It seems like someone is going to have a great time at the party.

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8. Baby Goofy:

This is one of the cutest baby goofy coloring pages, featuring baby goofy playing with the toy dinosaur. Who do you think is more adorable? Baby Goofy or Adult Goofy? We find them both extremely cute and lovable.

9. Goofy Eating Popcorn:

Goofy may be the most awkward cartoon character, but is extremely lovable. It seems like has brought popcorn and a heart shaped balloon to impress his loved one. Goofy usually appears in an orange pullover, black vest, blue pants and green cap. His big brown shoes add a dash of appeal to his overall look. You can ask your kid to use these shades while painting the sheet.

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10. Goofy Cooking Dinner:

Goofy always adds a touch of humor with his clumsiness, just as he is doing in this coloring sheet. He is preparing a hearty meal for his friends, but can’t help crying because of the onions. We hope he finished preparing the meal as soon as possible.

These goofy colouring pages are suitable for kids of all ages. Your parents can print out these sheets for an educational, yet enjoyable activity. All you need to do is download these goofy printable coloring pages and click on print.

We hope your kids liked our coloring pages of goofy. Tell us which one you picked for your kid by commenting below.

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