6 Common Breast Changes That Occur During Pregnancy


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Pregnancy brings in a whole lot of changes in the life of a woman- not just physically, but mentally as well. From diet changes and a cute protruding belly to fatigue and nausea- there’s a lot you may have to take care, especially during the very first trimester of your pregnancy. Your body is now undergoing changes to prepare itself for the new life emerging within.

While the most prominent change experienced during pregnancy is the increase in belly size, the one that follows soon after is changes in the breast. Right from trimester one till the day you deliver your baby, your breasts will undergo a series of radical changes, all in preparation of the new life that’s about to be born and nursed.

6 Common Breast Changes During Pregnancy:

Here we take a look at some of the most common changes that you will be experiencing over the next few months, and how you can tackle the not-so-comfortable ones.

1. Visible Veins on Your Breasts:

This is most common change in breast d

uring pregnancy. While this may not be experienced by every woman who is pregnant, a majority of expecting mothers are known to notice visible veins on their breasts during the pregnancy period. It is believed that an increase in the blood flow that occurs to support the baby’s growth and development during pregnancy is responsible for this; sometimes you may even notice veins around the abdomen as well.

Do not worry about this change as there is nothing to be concerned about. The veins will appear less prominent after you give birth and start breastfeeding your baby.

2. Nipple Changes:

The hormonal changes that take place during your pregnancy period will cause significant changes in your nipples. Your nipples will grow and become more prominent, and the areola, which is the area surrounding the nipples, becomes darker and will have tiny protruding bumps on the surface.

These small bumps will secrete an oily substance that will protect your nipples from drying out or cracking and will help you breastfeed better. This oil will also help prevent bacterial growth.

3. Lumps and Bumps:

Formation of lumps and bumps in the breasts is also commonly observed changes in breast during pregnancy. This is mainly caused because of the presence of cysts, fibroadenomas (fibrous tissue) and galactoceles (cysts filled with milk). Remember that this is completely normal during pregnancy.

If you happen to experience any strange changes in an already existing lump, you must consult your doctor and sort out any concerns in this regard.

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4. Bigger Breasts:

This one is probably one of the most prominently seen breast changes during early pregnancy, rest assured, it is completely normal. Your breast size is going to change quickly, and you may need to switch to a larger cup size as you progress through your pregnancy period. During the first three months of pregnancy, fat from foods you consume will start building in your breasts and the milk glands will increase in size. By the time you have progressed six weeks into your pregnancy, you may have grown a full cup size.

While the increase in breast size is not a concerning factor during pregnancy, you will now need to be careful about choosing an appropriate innerwear to support your breasts and lower the burden on your back. Choose a bra that has a thick band below the cups and a one that has adjustable straps. It is better to stick to light, breathable fabric during your entire pregnancy period. Ideally, your bra should neither be too tight, nor too lose- and you must be comfortable wearing it.