7 Tips To Help You Buy The First Pair Of Shoes For Your Baby

First Pair Of Shoes For Your Baby

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Dressing up your baby is one of the favorite activities that you will engage in as a mother. You would definitely want the best of everything to be available for your baby.

Before you move on to any other query related to your baby, there will be some pertinent questions that need to be answered to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe. One of the most important questions that you may have around the first year of your baby’s birth is “when should i buy shoes for my baby?” or “When should I get the first pair of shoes for my baby?”

It will of course be exciting for you to shop for the first pair of shoes for your baby. However, you need to ensure that you make this purchase at the right time. Overdressing or insufficient dressing can both be harmful for your darling.

7 Considerations For When To Buy First Shoes:

Shoes for your baby can be bought when she begins walking. As with most milestones, your baby may start walking by the 10th month, while some babies wa

lk around the 15th month. Before you start thinking too much about when can my baby wear shoes, be assured that both are normal time frames to cross the said milestone.

Within the confinement of your house you can leave your baby to walk barefooted, but when outdoors your baby must wear shoes.

Here are a few things you need to consider before shopping for little cute shoes for your baby:

1. Your baby will be able to balance better on her barefoot when she begins walking.

2. She will be able to coordinate her steps in the right manner once she begins to feel the ground beneath her feet.

3. Ensure that your baby develops a fine balance and can stand on the ground on her own without any support. This will help her maintain her balance when you introduce shoes for her feet.

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4. If you introduce shoes too early to your baby, then they might cramp the feet and hamper the balance of your baby when she attempts to stand.

5. Tight shoes might restrict the proper and natural growth of the feet of your baby.

6. It is better to use qualified shoe fitter services to measure your baby’s feet.

7. In case your baby tends to pull off her shoes frequently then it’s a sign that she is not feeling comfortable.

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6 Tips For When To Buy Shoes For Baby:

There are a few things you should bear in mind while buying shoes for your baby.

1. Buy shoes that are soft and made of comfortable material.

2. Always buy a shoe that is not tight fitting, has enough space to accommodate future growth of the feet and lets the feet move freely.

3. Shoes made of synthetic and plastic materials make it difficult for air circulation that is needed for the feet to breathe.

4. Always ensure that you check the legs of your baby after you take off the shoes. There should be no redness or pressure lines on her tiny feet.

5. Go for shoe shopping in the afternoon rather than the morning. As the feet of babies tend to swell during the course of the day.

6. Check the size of your baby’s feet in every six to eight weeks. Till your baby is four years old her feet will grow up to two sizes with each passing year.

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To enable the tiny and delicate feet of your baby to grow without any hindrance, let her walk on her bare feet as much as possible. Give her those lovely and cute looking shoes to wear only when she decides to venture outdoors.

Hope by now you might have known when to buy first shoes for your baby. Do share your stories on how you made your baby wear shoes, with the other moms on this forum so that they can learn from your experience.

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