Blood In Baby's Stool & Diaper - Causes And Suggestions

Blood In Baby's

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Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. We hope the little one is keeping you on your toes the entire day with his or her everyday activities that you just can’t get enough of.

While parenting is a lot of burping, diaper changing, countless laughs, sleepless nights there is another aspect of parenting that has subconsciously taken over you by now and that is worrying about small things associated with your child. You wouldn’t have even realized when the little one turned you into a worrisome mother who checks on every detail associated with her baby.

Blood In Baby Stools?

We can well imagine your anguish if you spotted traces of blood in baby stool or diaper. While it definitely is not normal, and we don’t say it should be ignored either, but one word of advice surely is do not panic.

  • In such cases you would need to be very attentive so as to explain to your doctor what your baby is going through.
  • In most cases the cause of blood in infant stools is not known and
    if the baby is otherwise growing well and healthy it does get resolved on its own too.

However a trip to the doctor is a must in such cases to know the correct treatment.

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Color Of The Blood:

As a parent it is important that you keep a tab on the color of blood as it helps in suggesting where the blood would have originated from.

  • If the blood is from the rectum or colon it would be red in color with only a streak outside the stool.
  • But the blood originating further up from the GI tract would be darker in color, a dark brown/maroon or black and would be mixed throughout the stool instead of on the outside.

Hence, you’re correct observations on the color would help your pediatrician help diagnose the cause of blood better.

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4 Causes Of Blood In Your Baby’s Stools:

Here are the possible reasons for the situation:

1. Slight Anal Tear:

We all know how sensitive baby’s skin is.

  • The most common cause of blood in babys stool is attributed to slight anal tear straining with the passage of stool.
  • Small amount of blood from anal fissure looks like a red streak on the outside of the stool.

2. Food Allergies:

Food allergies can also cause blood in baby’s stools.

  • It is important you check your baby of allergens like cow’s milk products, soy and other sensitive foods.
  • In some cases there can be blood in the stools due to lactose intolerance that can cause intestinal infection.

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3. Mother Having Cracked Nipples:

This is also one of the most common causes of blood showing up in baby’s stool.

  • If mother has cracked nipples or other bleeding there are chances that the baby ingests some blood from the mother.
  • This is not otherwise harmful for the baby but can show up in the stool.

4. Constipation:

This is a very common condition in babies and can result in hard stools that are difficult to pass for your baby.

In such a case, the stool stretches the rectum and can cause abrasions and tears in the skin, resulting in traces of blood to be seen in the stool.

When To See The Doctor?

While as a mother we totally understand that seeing blood in your baby’s poop may leave you completely alarmed, but here it would greatly help if before taking action analyze your child’s behavior.

  • If your baby is calm and playful you can fix up an appointment with your doctor. This is not an emergency situation
  • However if your baby is crying and experiencing abdominal pain with significant bleeding, then you will have to rush in for some urgent and immediate medical care.

If you have any experience dealing with this issues with your baby, please share it with our readers! You can use the section below to post your comments.

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