6 Effective Tips To Deal With Your Whiny Baby

Deal With Your Whiny Baby

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Ever heard the sound nails make on a chalkboard? Do you think that’s irritating? Well, then you have never heard a baby whine!

As your baby grows, she will discover and try to assert her independence. And without the aid of language, the only way your baby can put her emotions forward is through whining.

It is easy to rationalize whining. But for parents of a whiny baby, the battle is constant. Some babies whine once in a while. But there are other babies who are constant whiners! This 24/7 whining can test the patience of a saint! So, don’t beat yourself if you are the mother of a whiny baby. Here are 6 amazing tips to handle your whining baby.

Why Do Babies Whine?

Why do some babies whine more than others? Does it have anything to do with your parenting skills? Not at all! Here are some reasons why your baby whines:

1. Frustration:

As your baby nears a new milestone, his frustration levels grow. She can almost crawl but not quite. That favorite toy remains elusive. T

his stage can lead to a lot of frustration and whining!

2. A Step Towards Communication:

Believe it or not, whining is actually good! It is another step forward towards verbal communication! First come the crying, then the whining, and then words!

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3. Boredom:

Well, yes, your tiny baby can get bored! She might be looking for more interaction and stimulation. How long can a baby entertain herself with the same old rattle?

4. Tiredness:

Make a note of your baby’s whiny sessions. Do they tend to occur at a particular time of the day? If that is the case, your baby might just be tired.

These are the major reasons that might be contributing towards your baby’s constant whining. But being aware of the cause behind baby whining all the time does nothing to ease your frustration, does it?

How To Deal With A Whiny Baby:

So, are you just to smile and bear it? Easier said than done! There are chores to be done, calls to be returned, and hours of sleep to catch up on. The last thing you need is a whiny baby! Is there a solution? Sure there is! And locking up your baby in the basement is NOT a solution!

Here’s what you can do if you are troubled with baby whining all day.

1. Don’t Make It Personal:

No, you are not a bad mom. Your baby’s whining does not reflect on your parenting skills. Try to remind yourself of this fact when your baby whines away to glory in full public view. Remember, all moms go through this!

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2. Step Out:

The constant whining can grate on your soul! Yes, we get that. So, if you find yourself reaching a breaking point, take a deep breath. And step outside the room. Just remove yourself from the scene for a few minutes. You do need to compose yourself if you want to function rationally! But before you step out, make sure your baby is safe and secure.

3. Try to Be Kind:

Your little one may not understand words, but she can sure understand emotions and tone of voice! Try and be kind. Use soothing voice to talk to her. It may help calm her down a bit.

4. Change of Scene:

Introduce newer toys to help your baby deal with boredom. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a new toy. Just grab spoon and bowl. That should keep her occupied and happy for some time! You can also take her for a walk. Or a car ride. Anything to stimulate her growing brain cells!

5. Teach Her Sign Language:

There are a number of books and online tutorials available that will help you with this task. Your baby wants to communicate. With sign language, she can communicate her basic needs – like sleep and food – and make life easier for you!

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6. Follow a Schedule:

If your baby is whining because of tiredness, you need to recheck your schedule. Make sure your baby is getting enough sleep. Naps are mandatory! Remember, babies thrive on a schedule.

These are just some simple ways with which you can deal with your whiny little one. But remember – all babies are different. It is possible that these tips will work like magic for you. But it is equally possible that your baby will refuse to follow your lead.

When nothing works, just remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’. Today, there’s frustration, tears and heartache. But before you know it, your little one will be on her way to college. Time does fly. Try to cherish each and every moment – even the whiny ones!

How do you deal with your whiny baby? Do you have a tip to share with us? Just leave a word in the comments section below!

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