Top 10 Jungle Animals Coloring Pages For Your Naughty Kid


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Are you having a tough time trying to get your child to sit down and learn his lessons? It is quite natural. After all, a child needs to learn through interesting means or else, he or she will never like to study.

Instead of opting for the old-school methods of teaching your child, choose innovative methods that are fun for your child and not boring.

How about using colors to teach? Children love to color and it can be made into an interesting learning tool.

Top 10 Jungle Animals Coloring Pages For Kids:

Your child needs to learn the names of different animals and recognize them. So take the help of coloring pages.

Here we present you some free interesting jungle animals coloring pages to print and

to give to your child. Ask them to color the animals and they are sure to start recognizing them without any trouble:

1. The Jungle Cat

The jungle cat belongs to the cat family as the name suggests.

  • It is a wild cat that is found in the jungle.
  • It is known for its ferocity and agility. Color it yellow and brown shades.

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2. The Frog:

Here we have a frog that is usually seen and heard during the rainy season.

  • Frogs are amphibians. This means that they can breathe both on land and in water.
  • They usually feed on insects and are generally harmless creatures.

3. Elephant And Its Cute Baby:

The elephant is a very peace loving and friendly animal.

  • It may appear to be very huge and heavy.
  • However, elephants are known to be able to run faster than any human on earth.
  • They prefer to move in herds and take very good care of their babies.

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4. The Wild Jackal:

Generally known as a cunning animal, the jackal is a very regal looking creature.

  • They can be very ferocious animals and when in packs, they are known to give bigger animals a worthy chase!
  • They are very swift in their movements as well.

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5. The Hippopotamus:

The hippopotamus prefers to stay in marshy areas and near water bodies.

  • These are huge wild animals, but are harmless in nature.
  • They like to stay in the water as much as possible.

6. The Jungle Monkey:

This fun coloring page features a monkey, usually known as a mischief-maker.

  • Monkeys can be very territorial and protect their herds from danger by working together.
  • They do not like new monkeys from another herd to join them.

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7. The Majestic Lion:

Here you have the king of the jungle setting in all its majestic glory.

  • The lion exudes the regality of a king in its movements and activities.
  • A lion is a carnivore and feeds by hunting smaller animals.

8. The Jaguar:

This is another animal of the cat family.

  • The jaguar is known to be one of the fast moving animals in the animal world.
  • It has a shiny golden coat with boggy brown spots all over. It makes it easier for the jaguar to camouflage in the jungle while hunting its prey!

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9. The Wild Snake:

The snake belongs to the reptile family.

  • There are a lot species of snakes to be found in the jungle.
  • Though most snakes are poisonous, there are some non-poisonous snakes as well.

10. An Assortment Of Jungle Animals:

Here is a coloring page that features animals that are usually seen in the rainforests.

  • You have the lion, the hippopotamus, the monkey and the giraffe here.
  • Your children are sure to love coloring this page!

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The best way to ensure that your children get all-round information is to take them on a day trip to the nearby zoo after they finish coloring all these free printable jungle animals coloring pages.

Add to this collection your own set of coloring pages and share your selection with us.