11 Fun Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Write Better

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There is a widespread belief amongst parents that children who learn to write in preschool or kindergarten shall turn out to be better writers and readers. However, this has not been clinically proven.

Rather, it has been seen that children learn to read and write only when their neurological pathways have developed for supporting such activities.

Developmental specialists, neuropsychologists and occupational therapists express their concerns over the trends of introducing academics in the preschool level. Boys particularly are diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder and challenges in auditory and visual processing.

11 Interesting Ways On How To Teach Your Toddler To Write Better:

If you are thinking how to teach my toddler to write? Well, here is some help for you. When you feel your child is ready for writing, you can try out the following fun ways on how to teach toddlers to write:

  1. Encourage your child to use a finger or stick to write on oatmeal, sand, p
    udding, shaving cream or rice.
  2. Create simple lines and shapes and ask her to copy them.
  3. You can encourage your child to write on dry erase boards, Magnadoodle or chalk board.
  4. Preschoolers love using markers and crayons, that can be used on walls and windows. Get your toddler those.
  5. Make writing activity fun as possible and let your child enjoy.
  6. Allow your child to move at her own pace and learn through the process.
  7. When you feel your child is ready for papers and pencils, you can encourage her to draw shapes and lines and thereafter proceed to letters.
  8. You can gradually encourage her to write her name. Help your tot to remember as well as spell it.
  9. You can make it interesting using letter tiles, fridge magnets and alphabet blocks.
  10. Start with upper letters like Q, P rather than the q, p, b. It takes time for them to identify the lower case letters.
  11. The activity must be relaxed and fun and you must not force her for perfection. Learning to write can be a fun process and help instill confidence and develop a strong foundation for her future projects.

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What If Your Child Seems Reluctant to Write?

Be it hyperactivity, not yet fully developed motor grip or lack of attention, there are few interesting ways you can deal with your child who is reluctant to write:

  • Develop Proper Eye Hand Coordination:
    You can encourage your child to play with bat and ball. Play with beads of different colors and ask her to choose her favorite color.
  • Offer Exercises For Fingers:
    Give her the stress ball and ask her to press it as many times as she wants. You can also encourage her to give a handshake. Engage her with daily chores, such as drying clothes and fixing them with clips. Make the activities fun.
  • Begin With Easy Steps:
    Use the sketch pens, markers and then go for the pencils. Make writing fun as this will encourage her to write more.
  • Write As Well As Draw:
    Encourage your toddler to draw people and ask her to write their names. She can start drawing herself, mamma, and papa and then write their names.
  • Puzzle Practice:
    Puzzle practice can be a good way to encourage her to write the words and her name. You can cut the letters and put them apart. Ask her to assemble them and create a name-puzzle.
  • Give Rewards:
    Buy her stickers, cars and dolls she loves. Let her show off her prizes and rewards to her friends and dad.

Hope by now you have understood how to teach a toddler to write their name and letters. So, now let us focus on different roles of preschools.

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Schools And Their Roles:

The preschools, play a major role in inculcating the thirst for learning and knowledge among toddlers. Here are the ways the school can help:

  • Preschools help toddlers develop a positive interest in attending school and ensure they get back home happy.
  • In case you find your toddler unhappy on regular occasions, may be its time for you to find out the underlying cause.
  • May be her favorite teacher is on leave or she is upset over small things.
  • If these are not sorted in the early stages, she might end up hating books and pencils.
  • It is very important you share a good rapport with the school.

Try Out Finger Writing:

Finger writing can be a great way to encourage your toddler to write:

  • Just like finger printing your toddler dips her fingers in the chocolate and begins writing.
  • Imaginative toddlers love this practice.
  • Writing should be made fun and innovative.

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Identifying Problem In Toddlers:

Don’t worry if your toddler doesn’t seem ready for writing. Generally it has been seen that suddenly toddlers start writing beautifully.

  • There is no need to trigger the panic button if your toddler seems interested in looking at pictures only. She is doing fine as long as she can feed herself with a spoon; play with clay or string beads.
  • Some toddlers tend to be restless and find it difficult to be seated in one place. For the hyperactive toddlers, not only writing, but listening to stories also becomes a problem. You can talk to teachers to rule out the possibilities of ADHD.
  • While some are hyperactive, others turn into day dreaming. Toddlers generally have less attention span compared to adults.


  • Preschools help toddlers with such problems.
  • Intervention at an early stage can be extremely good for your toddler. So make sure she attends school regularly.
  • Toddlers need time to develop their fine motor skills, so make sure you don’t get frustrated and help her all through the wonderful journey.
  • Present writing to toddlers visually as that helps them learn easily.

The wonderful journey of reading as well as writing starts with alphabets and numbers. Help your toddler enjoy a great start by offering her hands-on writing experiences. Make the interactions playful to help her develop a positive attitude towards reading and writing.

Wish you all the best in your endeavor!

Do share if you have more ways on how to teach your toddler to write with us in the comment section below.

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