4 Effective Treatments To Cure Auditory Processing Disorder In Kids

Auditory Processing

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Auditory processing disorder happens to be a complex problem that affects kids. It is also known as central auditory processing disorder.

Kids affected by this problem are unable to process the information they hear from others. This is because the brain and the ears of these kids do not coordinate fully. Some factors adversely affect the brain of the kids that prevents them from identifying and interpreting sounds, most notably the speech.

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Kids suffering from auditory processing disorder fail to recognize and differentiate between the sounds of words, even if they happen to be loud or audible.

  • This is mainly because the kids with this disorder would hear a lot of noises even while staying in a location with less noise.
  • Therefore the children suffering from APD experience a basic difficulty in comprehending and understanding the signals of the speech when someone tries to talk to them.
  • Some kids suffering from APD, however, are ob
    served to have normal hearing abilities as they can detect the pure tones that are signaled to them in an environment which is very peaceful and calm.
  • Kids who are able to detect and identify such sounds, or can recognize the signals of speech in ideal conditions for listening, are considered to suffer from difficulties in hearing.

If these auditory deficits are not detected and managed at an early stage, the kids would have to suffer from delay in recognizing language and speech. They might even face subsequent academic problems.

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Symptoms Of Auditory Processing Disorder In Children:

Symptoms of this medical condition might range from moderate to severe. It is found to be prone to develop various complex issues.

You can check whether your kids are experiencing these symptoms related to APD which can cause difficulty in comprehending and processing sounds, such as:

  1. If the kid easily gets distracted or bothered by sudden or loud sounds.
  2. If noisy environments upset the child.
  3. If the kid is able to perform better in calmer environments.
  4. If the kid experiences difficulty to follow simple or complex directions and signals alike.
  5. If the child is suffering from difficulties of practicing a language like reading or writing.
  6. If the child experiences difficulties in deciphering the information that are abstract.
  7. If the child finds it difficult to comprehend verbal computations.
  8. If the child is forgetful or disorganized.
  9. If the kid experiences difficulties in responding to communication and conversation.

It is essential to remember that some of these symptoms mentioned above can be observed in some kids when they are very playful or adamant about something. Hence you need to pay sufficient amount of attention and observation in order to not confuse APD with other problems.

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Causes Of Auditory Processing Disorder In Children:

The causes for APD in kids are mostly unknown. Kids with auditory processing are observed to have some medical conditions associated with this condition, such as:

  1. Attention deficit disorder
  2. Autism
  3. Dyslexia
  4. Impairment of specific language
  5. Disorders of pervasive developmental
  6. Delay in development

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Treatment For Auditory Processing Disorder In Children:

The treatments that are available these days arrive in the form of medical strategies and modifications in kid’s behavior. Some of the notable treatments among them are documented as follows:

  1. Modifications related to the kid’s hearing environment.
  2. Exercises and assignments to enhance the skills of the kids to realize language structuring.
  3. Techniques of auditory training and enhance auditory memory capacity.
  4. Training on auditory integration.

However, much more research is essential in this field of Auditory Processing Disorder. This will help to understand about the causes of this condition that affects kids, in order to find the best cure.

Is your kid suffering from APD? Please do share your experiences with us to help our readers.

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