10 Fun Traveling Activities For Your Preschooler

Traveling Activities For Your Preschooler

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Are you packing your bags for the next summer vacation? You should be already wondering how to make your little preschooler not to get cranky while traveling. We bring to you some fun toddler travel activities you can try to make this vacation truly enjoyable for you too.

First, let us take a look at the necessity of keeping your child engaged, always.

Benefits Of Engaging Your Child:

  • Encouraging your little preschooler to keep on moving helps instill lot of healthy habits in her, early on. Here are few benefits associated with physical activity in them.
  • Cuts obesity- A child who is actively indulging in physical activities is less likely to turn overweight. Obesity is one of the growing health maladies increasingly seen in children worldwide.
  • Prevents Type 2 Diabetes- Findings indicate, children are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes if they have healthy physical habits keeping them fit and fine.
  • Bone growth- Results specifically indicate some activities like
    running and skipping contributing to healthy development of bones in children. Some of the gaming equipment and few activities like hopping, climbing and lifting tests their motor skills. This further leads to building a good level of endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • Overall fine health- With a good level of blood flow throughout the body, an active child is less likely to fall sick. An enhanced immune system, added with better muscle tone, such toddlers will have healthier lungs and heart.
  • Helps build confidence- As they learn new skills with every activity, say throwing a ball, they develop their self-esteem. It in turn makes them feel happy and proud. Remember, a happy child is a healthy child.
  • If you find your child falling behind in her motor skills, it is good to talk to your doctor about it. (1)

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10 Fun Travel Activities For Preschoolers :

Now, keep your family engaged with these on-the-go fun travel activities for toddlers in the car.

1. Doodle With Crayons:

Remove the labels from the crayon sticks, whenever possible. Fatter the crayons, better for the little one to hold and explore. Dry-erase markers are interesting pieces to add a new lease of life to crayon coloring. Even if it is a long car drive, your toddler’s won’t mind. With a handful of these crayons, they can doodle for long hours and then wipe them clean to start again. (2)

2. Glowing Stickers:

Glow-in-the-night stickers can be lovely night-time travel toys. You can entertain your little one by narrating stories that connect with characters in these stickers.

3. Waxes:

Molding wax to come up interesting shapes can be one of the exciting traveling activities for toddlers while traveling. Beeswax crayons can be the ideal pick. It would be good if you can choose waxes with food colors. These will stain but are safer to play, even for the toddlers.

4. Story Time:

Make use of finger puppets to retell some favorite fairy tales. You can even use these puppets to break the monotony in some waiting places by letting them tell the toddlers where you are heading next. Have some lift-the-flap tiny board books on hand to add fun to the story time. The form of “pretend plays” can help in nourishing a child’s social skills, language and vocabulary development and most importantly, imagination and emotional expression.

5. Collages:

Be creative with collages. Old magazines will serve the best sources for this. You can find nature and home-living magazines more helpful in lending the best pictures. Cut out the faces of animals or even any of your little one’s favorite celebrities and give them new shapes. Take care to purchase a safety scissors for your child. You can even get a pair of fancy edged scissors for her. And for sticking them all together, you can use white craft glue, rubber cement or school paste. When you are done, you can even create some funny stories for your little munchkin to enjoy.

6. Art And Craft:

Play craft with not just those expensive craft items at the supermarket. You can make full use of household materials like egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, and other small cardboard boxes for this purpose. Art develops creativity, emotional expression, symbolic representation and spatial concepts.

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7. Painting:

If you observe an edge to paint in the little one, introduce her to the tempera paint. It is one of the easiest paints available on the market, for your child to paint with. The nice smooth texture and the vivid colors make it child-friendly. If you think, the usual paint bottles can make your travel messy, try some magic brush toys.

8. Scramble:

A number of on-the-go puzzle and crossword sets are available at toy stores. You can pile some of them for your next journey. Puzzles and crosswords are good for enhancing the preschooler’s problem-solving and abstract reasoning abilities. It also renders sufficient support in shape recognition and spatial concepts. (3)

9. Fun With Rhymes:

Rhymes- Before you begin your travel, collect as many rhyme collections related to travel and places. “Did you ever see an airplane” is a rhyme you can sing to her while traveling on board. You may either write it down in your pocket dairy or even get a collection of travel children’s poems from one of the bookstores. As your child sees new places and meets new people during her journey, exploit her curiosity with some lovely rhymes appropriate to the time. Not only will she be able to understand the poem much better then, but she would even take the interest to learn it as quickly as possible.

10. Souvenir Collection:

Ask your toddlers to collect small pieces of interest from the places they travel. Be it a little conch from the seashore or even ticket stubs, let them collect as many souvenirs that are close to their heart. At the end of the journey, get them some plastic ornament balls, into which they can put all these collected items. Not only will they serve as a wonderful way to recollect their travel experiences some time later but the ball itself can be a hanging piece for the coming year’s Christmas tree!

As you pack bags, don’t forget to put in some fun stuff for the little one too. Family trips are indeed fun moments to cherish for a lifetime. What are your fun travel activities for preschoolers while on-the-go?

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