Top 25 Leopard Coloring Pages For Your Toddler


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Of all the big cats, Leopard is known to be the most elusive one. Known for their unmatchable strength, leopards are one of the strongest and fearless big cats.

Most kids find this astounding big cat interesting. They like it for its body print, strong body, intense look and above all, its golden and cream fur.

Top 10 Leopard Coloring Pages For Kids:

Leopards are one of the most secretive and mysterious cats. It is really difficult to trace them down. Get your kid to color these leopard coloring pages to print and help him learn a bit more about this solitary animal.

1. Agile Leopard On A Tree:

The first picture well describes a leopard’s agility. Leopards are great climbers and they can

climb on a tree even with a prey in hand.

  • Often when leopard hunt, they keep their prey high on the tree to save it from other and come up to eat it later when they feel hungry.
  • Coloring this detailed picture can teach your kid about jungle tress and its surrounding better.

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2. The Rain Forest Leopard:

The second picture is that of leopard that typically dwells in a rain forest.

  • The picture shows leopard advancing towards something.
  • While coloring the picture, teach your kid about rain forests and how leopards hunt.

3. Leopard Atop Rock:

Here is another picture with our big cat leopard sitting atop a huge rock.

  • What makes this picture interesting is the stern look on leopards face.
  • This picture can help your kid learn about a leopard’s sitting posture.

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4. Leopard In Action:

Here is another amazing picture of the brave leopard.

  • Teach your kid about a leopard’s tail. His tail is as long as its body. The claws are also visible clearly.
  • This picture is a perfect example to show your kid about a leopard’s powerful, sleek yet muscular body.

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5. Leopard – The Nocturnal Animal:

This next picture shows a leopard wide awake.

  • Inform your kid about leopards being nocturnal and how they hunt mostly during the night when they are most active.
  • This picture can be interesting to color because of its backdrop and the night scene.

6. Baby Snow leopard:

There are different kinds of leopards. One of which is a snow leopard, shown in the picture as a baby.

  • Snow leopards are perfect habitats of the cold environment they live in. Snow leopards cannot roar.
  • Their paws act as snowshoes in the snow. These also happen to be one of the endangered species of the world.

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7. Leopard On A Stroll:

This lovely black and white picture shows leopard’s body very clearly while he calmly takes a stroll.

  • Apart from being a fast runner, Leopards are beautiful creatures as well. Let your child understand this fact too.
  • The long tail of the leopard, once again, gets highlighted. Teach your kid about how leopard’s long tail helps it take sharp turn quickly.

8. The Growling Leopard:

Leopards use different voices to express different things. The picture shows leopard growling.

  • Leopards generally growl when angry. They purr when they are content.
  • Leopards also cough in a certain way to let leopards in the territory know about their presence.

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9. The Pouncing Leopard:

Leopards run almost at a speed of 57 kilo meters per hour.

  • This remarkable picture shows the valiant leopard ready to pounce on his next prey.
  • Make your kid notice the silent manner in which the leopard is advancing. He also seems to be following his prey’s foot trail.

10. Differentiate Leopard From Cheetah:

This picture can help your kid differentiate between cheetah and leopard.

  • A leopard has short legs and is muscular in the body. A leopard’s face is more like a cat or tiger.
  • The spots on leopard’s body are small black rounds with brown spots in the centre.

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Leopards are known for their hunting abilities. These nocturnal creatures might be your kid’s favorite of all the jungle animals. If yes, the activities suggested above will get your kid to enjoy knowing his favorite big cat. Hope you liked our collection of free printable leopard coloring pages for your little kids.

Do share your kid’s work after they are done coloring them. Till then, happy coloring!