Top 25 Colorful Big Bird Coloring Pages For Your Little One

The-‘b’-for-BirbThe-adorable-big-and-little-birdsThe-big-bird-the-architectThe-bird-nestThe-count-the-bonesThe-ice-skating-birdThe-let’s-go-to-the-classroomThe-merry-christmasThe-picture-perfect-color-pageBig-Bird-dancingBig-Bird-happy-valentineBig-Bird-is-happyBig-Bird-playing-busket-ballBig-Bird-playing-footballBig-Bird-playing-ragbiBig-Bird-talkingBig-Bird-wearing-capBig-Bird-with-crayon-and-pumpkin-drawingBig-Bird-with-cupcakeBig-Bird-with-frogBig-Bird-with-netBig-Bird-with-school-bagBig-Bird-with-towelBig-Bird-walking-happilybig scary-ig-bird

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The world of stories and make-believe characters are more real for kids than things around them. Every child has a favorite character, and Big Bird from Sesame Street occupies the place of pride in many kids’ heart. So it is a great idea to keep your children engaged with coloring tasks that are based around on particular character.

About Big Bird:

Big Bird is a Muppet, who lives on Sesame Street in a large nest.

  • He even has a teddy bear, Radar, and both of them are immensely cute.
  • The bright yellow color, bulging eyes and feathery look of the eight foot bird attracts children.
  • Moreover, the various antics that Big Bird can perform are enough to entertain them.
  • Skating, dancing, singing, riding and
    unicycle – Big Bird can do it all.
  • At the same time, he is stupid and seems confused. He is not perfect and makes mistakes too.

Since kids love all these in Big Bird and can associate these characters with theirs during the early learning phase, they can connect to the Big Bird. And since they connect themselves with the Bird, they will enjoy coloring these pages.

Top 10 Sesame Street Big Bird Coloring Pages:

Here is a collection of the top 10 big bird coloring pages to print that we have sorted out for your kids:

1. Ice Skating Bird:

In this picture Big Bird is seen ice skating and enjoying a lot. Here Big Bird is making the most of the winter season. Your kids can learn about this activity while coloring the image.

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2. Big Bird, The Architect:

Big Bird is seen as architect in this picture. Do your kids like making houses with sand? You can teach your kid about building such castles with the help of this image when they color. Let your kids try out making house by playing in sand next time when you to the beach.

3. Picture Perfect:

In this picture, Big Bird has turned into an artist and is doing a fine job. He is seen drawing his dear friend Mr. Snuffleupagus, lovingly known as Snuffy. Kids will have a gala time coloring these two characters together.

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4. Adorable Big And Little Birds:

This time, it’s the roller skates that the Big Bird has donned. He is seen wearing the complete gear, with a helmet for safety. What’s more, he also has his partner Little Bird for company. Perched on Big Bird’s shoulder, the sweet little birdie is enjoying the ride. Your kid will surely enjoy drawing these two lovely Birds.

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5. ‘B’ For Bird:

Big Bird is seen here with the alphabet B. If your toddler is learning alphabets, then what’s the better way to do so than these fascinating images? Note that Big Bird also has a small butterfly on his hand. So your kid learns two words starting with B.

6. Scary Big Bird:

This picture shows Big Bird celebrating Halloween in style. He is seen decked up as a dinosaur, and has the pumpkin monster in his hand. A good idea for your kid’s Halloween costume, what say?

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7. Count The Bones:

Tell your child about the skeletal system, bones and their importance through this image while he or she is coloring. The Big Bird is showing all his bones and joints. This one’s a good science lesson. Isn’t it?

8. Merry Christmas:

Let your kids celebrate Christmas with Big Bird. He is seen busy decorating his own Christmas tree here. Coloring the bird and the tree with all its embellishments will be a fun filled activity.

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9. Let’s Go To The Classroom:

Big Bird is seen in the role of a teacher in this image. In this picture, he can be seen with his student and is having a good time giving lessons. The books, board, chalks and duster complete the scene. Let your kids have a feel of the classroom by coloring them.

10. Big Bird’s Nest:

Big Bird is finally settled in his nest at night time. This image has grids, which makes it easier for kids to fill in color. They can color one square at a time and also use their imagination to paint the night sky.

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All these free printable big bird coloring pages will let your child use her creativity. They will keep your kids engaged while letting her have fun. Compile the images and gift this Big Bird coloring booklet to your kid. Did your kid love the gift? Share your views by commenting below.