Top 5 Places To Shop For Quirky Nursery Items For Your Little Babies

5 places to shop for quirky

When designing your baby’s nursery, its best to decorate it with items that reflect your and your partner’s personality. Choose items that hold some significance and maybe even a story to tell your child later.

This article will help you shop for quirky, fun and innovative items to decorate your baby’s room. The best part is that you can now shop online from the comfort of your home and don’t have to run around from one shop to the other.

Top 5 Places To Shop For Quirky Nursery Items:

Here is our pick of the best:

1. Baby Jalebi:

Baby Jalebi is just the right place to buy items you will need to decorate and celebrate your little one’s arrival.

  • They have a good range of items you will need for the nursery.
  • They also have a small range of modern ethnic wear for your baby.

Here are our favourite products from baby jalebi:

a. Wall Art:

wall art

A simple but elegant wall art will give much vibrancy to your baby’s nursery.

b. Baby Bedding:

baby bedding

Baby Jalebi has great themes like safari,

ba ba sheep, sailor, polka dots and much more for your baby’s bedding, both for boys and girls.

c. Bed-In-A-Bag:

bed in a bag

There will be times when you step out and your little one gets sleepy. If you are not very comfortable making your baby sleep on someone else’s bed sheet, this travel friendly, light and easy to carry bed-in-a-bag can make a bed ready for your baby anywhere. It’s perfect for babies up to 6 months.

2. The Kids Décor:

the kids décor

Not sure how you should decorate your kid’s room? You can ask the experts at The Kids Décor.

  • You can even customize from their section ‘Order a Room’.
  • This has a huge choice of fabrics, curtains, beddings, accessories, wallpapers, pillows and more for boys, girls and infants.

Here Are Our Favourite Products from The Kids Decor:

a. Curtains:

Choose from cute curtains with animal print, flower print, F1 car print or a fairy print curtain.

b. Personalized Photo Quilt:

Convert those sweet memories into a warm quilt by creating your baby’s very own photo quilt.

c. Carpets And Rugs:

If you are doing up your boy’s room in a car theme, let the colorful car carpet complete the look, or choose a ruffled butterfly shaped carpet if your girl loves butterflies.

3. Hopscotch:

  • Hopscotch has everything you will need for designing your baby’s nursery and more.
  • They have great international brands at great prices.

Here are our favourite products from hopscotch:

a. Sound Spa:

sound spa

Create a magical atmosphere with soothing sounds to ensure your baby sleeps well. The Sound Spa also projects sea creatures along with the choice of three soothing lullabies and three natural sounds. It also has an auto-timer off option.

b. Developmental Toys:

developmental toys

Fill up your child’s nursery with some great developmental toys. This 10 piece wooden puzzle helps her to match shapes, letters and pictures.

c. Fun-Sand:

fun sand

You may have always wanted to build a sand castle with your child, but it’s not always possible to go to the beach. Now you can make sand castles at home over and over again. Check out this great range of products from Waba which allows you to make different shapes while being completely mess-free!

d. Scribble Wall Decals:

scribble wall decals

If your child has been scribbling all over your walls you can put on this amazing scribble wall decal (which are like blackboards), which will allow your child to scribble. They even come with interesting ideas like scrabble, alphabet learning, story writing and so much more.

4. Look It’s Me:

look it’s me

Add to your child’s library by designing and customizing a book especially for your child.

  • Each book is illustrated and written with your child in mind.
  • Choose stories, which you would like to customize.

5. Lakdi Ki Kaathi:

This is a great place to buy your child’s furniture for the room.

  • Choose from a range of tables, beds, study tables, toy storages, bookshelves etc.
  • They can even customize the furniture with your child’s name.

Here are our favourite products from lakdi ki kaathi:

a. Rocking Horse:

rocking horse

The wooden rocking horse is an excellent way to let your child enjoy the classic prancing pony just like the good old days. Re-live your childhood memories with this one.

b. Wall Shelves:

wall shelves

Decorate your child’s room with these space optimizing wall shelves to store books, toys, photo frames etc. You can even get them customized in the shape of alphabets.

c. Side Tables:

side tables

These wonderfully designed side tables can help your child keep a bedtime book, a pretty lamp or a favourite toy right next to her. Choose from open or closed side tables.

All these great options can make you want to buy everything, but don’t go overboard. Keep it simple and elegant.

Do share with us your fun experience of shopping for your baby’s nursery.