5 Amazing Benefits Kindergarten Offers Your Pre-School Kid

what is the kindergarten age

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As your kid turns 3, you start wondering if it is time you should be sending him or her to kindergarten!

Well, children near around 4 to 5 years is the best age to start kindergarten. Most states/countries have their own rules regarding this, so please check with your local rules. In general, if your child turns four, it is time for you to look for a suitable pre-school.

Some toddlers start this phase early and easily, while others take some time before they get comfortable with the whole idea. It is important that you talk to teachers of the prospective school you are thinking of enrolling him and find out if he is ready for kindergarten or not. Each child is different and to understand where your kid stands, you need to evaluate him.

What Is A Kindergarten?

Today, it is a common practice to send children to kindergarten before attending a formal school. How many of us are actually familiar with what kindergarten is? Here we shall take a closer look:

  • It is a public school p
    rogram that helps your child prepare for his 1st grade.
  • It is derived from two German words: Kinder (children) and Garten (garden).
  • Your child is prepared for the formal school by brushing up his intellectual, emotional, social, language and social skills.
  • In many countries, attendance in kindergarten is not mandatory.

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What Are The Benefits Of Kindergarten?

You need to immunize your child before sending him to the kindergarten. Here are the benefits your pre-school kid shall enjoy here:

1. Your child will be given different activities to develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. The curriculum includes literacy, language, arts and social studies.

2. Children are screened in case they need special services. The screening tests include checks for difficulty in vision, hearing, fine motor skills, gross motor, communication abilities, interest and ability to learn and think. The test results shall be sent to individual parents.

3. Some kindergartens offer meals to children.

4. You, as a parent, can actively participate in the education and development of your child.

5. You can volunteer in the classroom sessions and take part in field trips.

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How Long In Kindergarten?

While some of the schools offer a half day program, others come with a full day program. Here we shall take a look at both of them:

a. Half Day Programs:

  • Your child will attend the afternoon or morning session for a maximum of 2 hours in this case.
  • You can avail of the mode of transport offered by the school and take your child along with you.
  • In case you want to change the sessions, you can contact the school and request for a change. Your request shall be considered depending on your individual case.

b. Full Day Programs:

  • In a full day program, your child has to stay at school for about 5 hours.
  • This will work for active kids who love being in a kindergarten.
  • In case you are not comfortable with that, you can enroll your kid in a half day program.

If you are holding back your child thinking kindergarten would be a too big challenge for him or her at this age, you will be making a big mistake. Join your child in the right kindergarten age. You need to accept this is how they learn.

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Some children may not be ready emotionally and socially to attend their kindergarten classes at the age of 5. You need not worry about this. Some children just take time to concentrate their thoughts. Give your child some time to explore how fun learning can be.

Moms, tell us your child’s first day experience in the kindergarten school in the comment section below.

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