7 Ways You Should Hold Your New Born Child

how to hold a newborn baby

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After a nine months wait, holding your baby seems to be the most delightful “job”. While there are different ways you can hold your little bundle of joy, you need to ensure you are doing it right every time.

While initially you may have some family members to help you, there may be occasions when you need to hold your baby yourself while doing other things.

As a new parent, it is normal to get nervous when it comes to handling your tiny newborn. Understanding a few basics will help ease you into your new found role as a parent.

How To Handle Newborn Baby?

With your newborn here, there may be many questions popping in your head. Questions like should you allow strangers to hold your baby, should you ask them to wash their hands every time they hold your baby, and should the siblings be allowed to play near the new born are just a few of them.

To ease your worries, here are a few ways you should know when holding the baby:

1. Support The Head:

The head is heavier than the

rest of the body. Your baby does not have much strength to hold its head, so make sure to support the head whenever you lift or hold your baby. Here is what you should do:

  • Support your baby’s head while picking up.
  • If you do not support the head well, your baby might fling out his legs and arms, thinking he might fall.
  • Hold his arm while picking him up or putting him down. This will offer adequate support to his head, neck and spine and he will feel secure.

2. Shoulder Hold:

This is one of the most natural hold for your newborn. Here is how you should do it:

  • Lean him on one shoulder.
  • Wrap him around at the bottom.
  • Hold the child with the other arm and offer support to his neck.
  • Your baby can hear your heart beating in this position.

3. The Cradle Hold:

Cradling is quite simple and natural. Here is how you can cradle your newborn to sleep:

  • Place your baby’s head in the crook of your hand.
  • Wrap him with your arm.
  • Smile at him, talk to him. Babies love looking at you in this position.
  • You can easily cradle him to sleep in this position.

4. Sling Hold:

If you want to keep both your hands free, you can try the sling devices.

  • You can nestle him in different positions.
  • It can be a great option when you are carrying more than two babies in your arms.

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5. Belly Hold:

Your baby will surely enjoy the baby hold. Here is how to handle newborn baby:

  • Lay him chest down on one of your forearms.
  • Lay across the back of the baby with your other arm. This will make him feel secure.
  • This position can be helpful while burping your baby.
  • To bring in variations, you can support hands between legs of the babies. Your baby feels more secure this way.

6. Hip Hold:

You can hold his hips once he gains complete control over his head and neck. Here is how you can do this:

  • Face him outward and make him sit on one of the hip bones.
  • You should wrap the same side arm around his waist.
  • Your baby will be able to comfortably look at things around him.
  • You can also enjoy a free hand.

7. During Bath Time:

Bath times are fun times for babies. Here is how to hold a baby correctly while bathing to prevent accidents like drowning or swallowing of water. Here is what you can do:

  • Lay him on his back.
  • Place one hand under the shoulders.
  • Make sure to support his head well.
  • Lift him up by placing another hand below him and lower him down in the tub.
  • Keep supporting his head as you sprinkle water.
  • Wipe him with a soft towel.
  • Make sure he feels comfortable. Do check the strings or hair and the small toes; see if the clothing is too loose or tight.

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As a new mommy, we understand it can feel really scary to hold your tiny and fragile little baby. But the more you hold your baby, the more you will start understanding what makes your baby feel comfortable and secure. If you are scared initially, which is normal, do ask your partner to be present while you try out the above steps. Better still, ask your partner to step in and try them out too.

Do tell us how you felt when you held your baby for the first time in the comment section below.

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