9th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

9th month pregnancy care what to expect, do’s & dont’s

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Mommy, you are this close to completing your ‘term!’ This is the time that all kinds of feelings tend to set in.

By the time you enter the ninth month, you are completely prepped to deliver. Nature has its ways working through your mind and body sending signals about your motherhood. While the discomfort takes a toll on your patience and energy, you will still want to cherish every moment from now on as the deadline is near.

You would have formed a special relationship with your baby inside your womb that is hard to explain to the world. 9 month pregnancy care is all about feeling and seeing things like a mommy!

9th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect?

There are some remarkable changes in the way you think and operate. You will feel wonderful during this time despite the usual discomforts caused due to the stretching abdomen.

  • While you are eager to see your baby, you will begin to feel the sense of ‘separation’. You will miss feeling your baby and the bump that you h
    ave been carrying around for so long.
  • Your vaginal discharge will increase now. Make sure you have extra padding during this time. Do not panic at the occasional rush of discharge. This is completely normal unless it is itchy, smelly and out of the ordinary.
  • There is a sharp pain in your bladder that causes alarm. You are likely to feel that you will wet yourself any moment.
  • Get ready for the real contractions coming and going. Your body is fast prepping for the labor.
  • Some women lose their mucous plug from the cervix area during this time. Though this looks like a signal that labor has started, do not jump to conclusions unless you see other signals happening.
  • You will understand the difference between the short contractions and the actual ones by the end of this month.

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Changes In Your Body:

This time too there will be some significant changes happening to your pregnant body:

  • You will suffer with perpetual backache as the pressure increases on your sciatic nerve.
  • Your pelvis has expanded to an extent that you feel you may ‘crack wide open.
  • Stress incontinence continues, making you leak often.
  • Increased vaginal discharge becomes usual now.
  • You will suddenly start looking all ‘blossomed’ yet tired. Your face may have stress lines but there is a certain glow that cannot be missed.
  • Lying down in a comfortable position gets more impossible by each passing day.
  • There is more leakage from your breasts as the colostrum continues to be produced. Better to start using the breast pads to conceal the lactating bosom.
  • The overwhelming mood swings continue to grip you as you brace for the childbirth.
  • You will suddenly start feeling all hairy, with more hair seen on your face and nipples.
  • The shape of your eyeballs will change due to the extra fluid circulating around your body.
  • You will be more alert with your labor signals. Paying close attention to the signs helps.

Changes In Your Baby:

Your baby is almost close to ready for delivery now. Here are some key developments happening during the month:

  • Your baby will weigh anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms and measures about 53 centimeters long.
  • The lungs are now fully developed, functional and breathing through the amniotic fluid.
  • Your baby’s brain is now complete with development.
  • All the vital organs are now fully developed and functional.
  • Your baby’s movements will slow down as there is no room inside the womb.

Precautions During 9th Month Of Pregnancy:

Below are some useful pointers that you can look at to ease the feeling of discomfort in ninth month of pregnancy care:


1. Have A Dip:

You can head to the nearest swimming pool to enjoy a dip especially during summers.

  • The feeling of weightlessness will help you relax.
  • Swimming is also an excellent workout to prep your body for the labor.

2. Warm Baths:

You will find great relief in taking warm showers during this time.

  • Having a warm bath provides great comfort to your aching body.
  • Make sure that the water is not very hot.

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3. Kegel Exercises:

Despite the approaching deadline, continue to do your Kegel exercises. You will have an advantage during labor with stronger pelvis muscles.

4. Quality Time with Family:

Spend some quality time with family before the big day. Soak in the excitement and joy that surrounds you.

5. Have A Positive Mind:

It is vital to carry a positive and happy mind before delivery.

  • You would have gone through a crazy emotional ride thanks to the hormonal kick all these months.
  • Finally, you are this close to holding your baby in your arms.
  • Think of a smooth delivery in your mind.