8th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

8th month pregnancy care what to expect, do’s & dont’s

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Hang in there! Things will look and feel difficult in the last trimester of your pregnancy and month 8 is all about relaxing your mind.

As your body prepares itself for the oncoming labor you tend to feel breathless, irritated, stuffy, moody and nervous.

But it is all going to be worth it – really!

Your Mantra for 8th Month Of Pregnancy Care – Just Breathe!

This is a time when you struggle to cope with your growing baby inside and the annoying bowel movements. Manage your expectations about what is to come in the next few weeks as well. That should help you settle down faster with your condition. The feeling of being pregnant will actually sink in from now onward, as you get into the mothering mode, planning and shopping for your baby to arrive.

8th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect?

Care during 8th month of pregnancy is very important. There are plenty of changes seen and felt in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Make sure you understand the reasons behind t

hese changes:

  • You will find yourself easily flustered, annoyed and confused. Breathing helps you to calm down with your waging thoughts.
  • Accept the fact that you are now with a proper pregnant body. There is no way out escaping from comments like “You look so big” “where is the bump” “I think you will have a huge baby”. Your bump size may be big or small. Do not panic at the casual comments thrown randomly at you. Remember, the size of your belly has nothing to do with the size of the baby!
  • The anxiety of having a baby can be overwhelming. You will find yourself constantly nervous and insecure. This is mostly because of the hormonal shifts happening inside of you.
  • You are likely to adjust to your pregnant condition by the end of this month.

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Changes In Your Body:

Your bump has grown significantly large by this time. The rest of the body will be fast adjusting to the changes. These changes are not very pleasant:

  • You will suffer from urine leakage every now and then as you cough, sneeze or lift heavy objects. This will leave you both frustrated and embarrassed. Understand that this is nature’s way of adjusting to the baby inside. Do Kegel Exercises to battle incontinence.
  • The fluid retention increases from this month making your hands and feet swell.
  • Frequent breathlessness haunts you like never before. This is because the growing bump makes your lungs and diaphragm compress.
  • Heartburn and constipation continue to ruffle you.
  • Hot flashes and dizziness will also be a part of your routine.

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  • Braxton Hicks or false contractions will be more felt as your body gears up for a mock rehearsal of labor. You will feel your uterus harden and release, imitating a real contraction.
  • Colostrum continues to leak from your nipples as your breasts prepare for the oncoming lactation.
  • There will be reduction in amniotic fluid inside your womb by the end of month 8. A little bit of the fluid escapes every now and then and you will know when the leakage happens. Amniotic fluid looks and smells very different from urine.
  • Do not be surprised if you find yourself impatient and annoyed. This is the phase where the ‘waiting time’ runs out. You will feel as if you have been pregnant for a lifetime and that your baby is taking ages to come out.
  • There will be moments of acceptance as well as fear about being a parent. You will see yourself in a self-reflective mode all the time about being a mom.

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Changes In Your Baby:

Below are some key changes that are happening to your baby at this time:

  • Your baby would have settled in the cephalic (head down) position by this time. Your ante natal checks will continue to check the status of your baby’s position till week 40.
  • Diminishing amniotic fluid signifies that your baby’s kidneys have started to function. More cortisol is produced by the kidneys.
  • In case of a boy, the testicles are slowly migrating way down his abdomen. In case of a girl, her vulva would have been formed. The pregnancy hormones cause your baby’s scrotum to appear swollen at birth. Same holds good for the girl.
  • The vernix caseosa that covers your baby’s skin will continue to do its job. Lanugo, a soft downy hair on the skin will now begin to disappear slowly.
  • Rapid cognitive development occurs in the brain. The neurons continue to multiply at fast rate as your baby begins to understand and connect with you even from inside.
  • Your baby will gain about 450 pounds by the end of this month and measures about 50 centimeters long.
  • There is less space to swim around for your baby inside as the growth increases.

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