8 Most Effective Ways To Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy

8 most effective ways to relieve hip pain during pregnancy

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No pain no gain; this phrase fits aptly for all expectant mommies. A woman undergoes many changes in her body and also bears a number of pains associated with pregnancy. Be it back pain, leg pain or the much feared labor pain, a typical woman goes through them all to finally get her bundle of joy in her hand.

Hip pain is one of the most common pains that a number of pregnant women experience at some time or the other, and you may be no exception. In fact hip pain is one of the common signs of pregnancy, which means your joints are loosening as they are preparing for labor.

You may notice your hip pain during pregnancy second trimester increasing as baby inside you grows. This in fact could worsen in the night making a relaxed night’s sleep a dream for you. But don’t worry, there are ways that will help you minimize your hip pain in pregnancy.

What Causes Hip Pain?

The main cause of pain in hip during pregnancy is attributed to a pregnancy hormone called relaxin, which is released almost as soon as you conceive. This hormone can also cause other aches. The hormone primarily loosens joints and ligaments and sometimes can also cause joints to become inflamed and sensitive.

Extra weight from your growing pregnancy can put some amount of pressure on the pelvis causing a shift and thereby pain. Also, wrong posture can lead to hip pain especially during second and third trimester when your body is not in perfect balance due to your baby’s weight.

How Can You Treat Hip Pain During Pregnancy?

Hip pain is a side effect of pregnancy and you can be rest assured it will ease after delivery. However, you must take necessary precautions to avoid this pain from aggravating and causing you discomfort in pregnancy. Here are top 8 ways to help you deal with hip pain.

1. Using A Pillow Support:

This is the best remedy for treating most pains during pregnancy.

  • Always keep a pillow support while sleeping that helps your body maintain its posture without straining your hips.
  • Also try to keep your hips straight with a body pillow for the back posture and a pillow between the knees to relieve the pressure.

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2. Avoid Heels:

As you have been sacrificing your favorite party dresses because you can’t fit into them anymore, similarly you will have to bid adieu to your favorite stilettos till the time you deliver your baby.

  • High heels can throw your body balance off and can even aggravate your hip pain.
  • Opt for flats or platforms that can support your body weight.

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3. Diet And Supplements:

During pregnancy, bones wear off their calcium.

  • Hence it is recommended to take in sufficient amount of calcium through diet and supplements, as this can help reduce hip joint pain during pregnancy.
  • You can also ask your doctor to recommend you herbal pain relief medication.
  • It is not advisable to take over the counter painkillers during pregnancy that can cause side effects.

4. Sleeping On The Side:

During pregnancy, the best way to get relief from pains like hip pains is to pay attention to your posture, while walking and sleeping.

  • Avoid slouching and try to keep your back and shoulders straight while walking.
  • Also, avoid sleeping straight on your back and instead sleep on to your sides with knees slightly bent to provide a balance and posture support to your body.

5. Heat Therapy:

When nothing else works, soak in a warm water bath or apply a hot water bottle on your hip.

  • With advice and consultation from your doctor, you can also gently massage warm oil on your hips to get relief from hip pain.
  • The massage should be very gentle and your bath water should be warm (not hot).