6th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

6th month pregnancy care what to expect, do’s & dont’s

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Month six of pregnancy is all about prepping yourself to be a mommy!

Your growing baby bump along with those food cravings and nesting indicate that your body will now send you the signals to start making arrangements for your little one’s arrival. You will be full of mixed feelings, both happy and anxious. You will now be more excited about the baby shopping and the getting ready for baby phase!

This is an ideal time to make a shopping list of all the necessities that are required while nursing your baby after the arrival. You will be stuck with a lot of decision making while planning to pick things.

Make sure that you buy only what is required in the long run for your little one. Essentials like toiletries, nappies, wipes and diapers should be included in the list. Try not to go overboard while shopping for fancy things that do not add much value or last only for a short while.

6th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect?

Care during 6th month of pregnancy is very essent

ial like any other month. Here are some new developments that you will see happening in and around you while progressing through this month:

  • You will be more confused than before. This is due to the growing bump, plethora of advises from near and dear and the anxiety to shop for the baby
  • You will be more relaxed than you were in month five. There is an occasional gush of energy to ‘get everything arranged and sorted.
  • You will start to prepare your home and surroundings for the impending arrival of your baby. While the expected time of arrival is significantly large, you will begin to kick off the preps.
  • You will need to constantly remind yourself to relax at regular intervals, since you are in such a rush to get things done. Make sure there is a balanced routine every day.

Changes In Your Body:

Like every other month, you will see a foray of changes happening to your physical and emotional self. Below are some important changes:

  • You will experience constant bleeding from your gums while brushing. While your gums are trying to support teeth and the bone, make sure that you brush at least twice a day and floss before bedtime. Visit your dentist if the bleeding is more than anticipated. Your gums can be prone to gingivitis, hence, take care.
  • You will have increased discomfort in the abdominal area with the expanding uterus making more room for your growing baby. The muscles around your pelvic area will be prone to stretching and increasing on an everyday basis. You will experience those cramps. Indulge in warm bath, tummy massages and physiotherapy.
  • Your tummy is big enough now for you to not be able to see your knees when you stand. While you may be embarrassed at your pregnant body, learn to love and accept it. A pregnant woman is the most beautiful sight in the whole world!
  • By the end of month six, your tummy will start getting itchy. This is due to the stretching of the collagen fibers in the middle of your skin on the abdomen. Apply good amounts of cocoa butter cream to get instant relief.
  • Your blood volume will continue to peak as the months come by. It would have increased to about 25 percent by now as compared to the start of pregnancy. The results are the swollen fingers and ankles.
  • You are subject to an increased appetite and growing food cravings around this time. While your inner self is actually longing for that junk food, cakes and muffins, remind yourself that these are not healthy for your baby. Having a fulfilling and nutritious diet like wholegrain bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables and juices is more advisable.
  • You will experience false contractions, also called as Braxton Hicks contractions in the middle of the month. Do not panic as this is your body’s way of preparing for the oncoming childbirth naturally. However, if you feel your uterus hardening more than normal and sense any pain, do consult your doctor to rule out any complications.
  • Constipation and low blood sugar will continue to annoy you. Make sure you continue the same healthy pattern of drinking lots of liquids and eating high fiber diet as done in the earlier months.
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome is possible to occur by the end of third trimester. Fluid retention in your body causes carpal tunnel to swell. Physiotherapy helps.

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  • Your fears and anxieties can either increase or decrease around this time. Childbirth is an emotional process, and you are bound to weigh the pros and cons about what is about to transpire. Make sure there is enough sharing happening with friends and loved ones to ease out the stress.
  • You will now find yourself immersed in advises, literally. Family, friends, loved ones and even neighbors will take full liberty to shower you with what is good and what is not. It can get a bit overwhelming, not to forget annoying at times. Excuse yourself politely from the same if you are not ready to take in the advice. It’s quite okay to be honest about it.
  • You will have a rush of mixed feelings looking at your pregnant body. Life surely changes a lot after childbirth. Do not overburden yourself with thoughts.

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