How Dangerous Is Falling During Pregnancy For Me And My Baby?

Dangerous Is Falling During Pregnancy

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A fall is certainly not something that you would want while you are pregnant. But it is may be that you had a minor accident and had a fall during pregnancy. We understand you must be quite distraught about it.

To help you clear your confusions we have listed some details below.

Why Did You Fall?

Had a fall in pregnancy? It happens more frequently that you would have imagined. Here are the reasons for falls during pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts, making it difficult to balance your body.
  • The increased weight in the middle parts of your body (abdomen and hips) also makes you prone to falls.
  • The ligaments in the feet become stretched and loose, causing swelling and making your steps clumsy.
  • It is common to feel dizzy and lose balance, especially during the earlier months of pregnancy.

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Safety Of Your Unborn Baby:

Can falling during pregnancy harm the baby? Here is the good news – there are very less chance

s that your baby will be hurt when you fall. Why? Because your darling in your womb is well protected with the following:

  • Amniotic fluid
  • Thick wall of your uterus
  • Layers of fat
  • Abdominal muscles

How Dangerous Is Falling Down During Pregnancy?

To be extremely accurate, yes, there might be a slight impact during a fall, but often, your baby probably won’t even notice it. But still, certain factors do change the outcome – For e.g., falling down can be hazardous when it impacts your abdominal area or tummy directly.

The seriousness of falling down during pregnancy depends on these factors:

1. Position Of Fall:

As long as you don’t fall flat on your face or hurt your stomach, you should be fine. Many women fall on their back or side and don’t have any trouble at all, apart from pain in the back. It is better if you can support yourself with both hands when you fall.

2. Pregnancy Stage:

The impact also depends on the stage of pregnancy. What might be safe in the first trimester may get risky in the last trimester. The reason is that the baby is closer to the surface, grown to a decent size and is in the inverted posture, with her head down.

3. Age Of Mother:

The pregnant lady’s age is also a factor. For women who are over 35 years, any fall would warrant a medical checkup.

4. Surface Of Fall:

Whether you fell on a hard or a soft surface will also decide the impact that it can have. However, many women have fallen on concrete or slipped from stairs and delivered perfectly healthy babies.

When To Be Alert?

In case you notice any of the signs listed below after you fall, make sure to go to the doctor and get yourself checked.

  • Bleeding or spotting.
  • Leakage of amniotic fluid.
  • Early contractions which can lead to preterm labor.
  • Excessive pain in the abdomen.
  • Nil or reduced movements of the fetus.
  • Dizziness or breathlessness.

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Common Misconceptions:

There are many ill-conceived notions about women falling during pregnancy. Here are some common fears:

  1. Falling will cause miscarriage.
  2. It will damage your uterus or fallopian tubes.
  3. Baby might get fractures.
  4. The brain of the child may get affected.

Most of these ideas are born out of old wives’ tales and soap operas. Do not pay any heed to them and be relaxed.

Avoiding A Fall:

Accidents cannot be predicted, but precautions can be taken to minimize the occurrence. While the risks related to falls are rare, it is always better to be cautious.

  • Wear comfortable and flat footwear. Avoid wearing heels as they reduce balance.
  • Be careful of pits while walking on road. Similarly, when on a smooth and slippery surface, try to be slow and surefooted.
  • When on stairs or escalators, hold on to a support.
  • Restrict exercises to the ones which are absolutely safe.

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By now, you must have got over your fear of harming your child with a fall. Follow and share the tips for safety. If needed, consult your doctor and get a checkup done.

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