5th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

5th month pregnancy care

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Welcome to Month 5 of your pregnancy… and get ready for series of compliments on your cute muffin top, glowing skin and endearing demeanor of a mommy to be!

This month officially marks the onset of your pregnant appearance. You would have had your first ultrasound scan by this time. The feeling is nothing short of a surreal experience, showing you the first glimpses of your precious one inside.

5th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect?

A lot of rapid physical changes are seen and felt as your bump begins to grow in size. Your baby is fast evolving inside your womb, with significant body development. Here are some significant issues that you will face in the Month 5 in terms of physical adjustments:

  • Your growing bump and the weight will put extra pressure on your back. Your center of gravity is changing and you need to consciously maintain good posture to avoid muscle strain in the back.
  • Your sciatic nerve will start to feel the pressure. Sciatic nerve runs from your s
    pine, through your buttocks to your legs. The increasing weight of the baby inside the uterus will compress against this nerve, causing discomfort. A comfortable sleep arrangement is a must.
  • You will find it extremely relieving to wear a pregnancy girdle to support the weight of your abdomen. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to use one if really required.
  • If you are pregnant for the second time and have a first baby who is still a toddler, you will have to make efforts to train your first one to be a little independent. Picking up your child is not advised against your growing bump. Use a pram frequently.
  • Lifting heavy objects is out of question; however, if you are a mother with zero support system, this cannot be avoided. In such scenarios, lift the weights with the strength of your quadriceps in your thighs and the biceps in your arms. No pressure to be put on the center of your body.

Changes In Your Body:

Welcome your baby bump. You will begin to love your bump as much as you continue to face those inevitable hassles. Understand that your body is now adjusting to the bump and soon you will be able to manage the same with lesser efforts. Below are some changes that are fast happening inside your body during pregnancy care in 5th month:

  • You will suddenly have hot flashes, even if it is the middle of winter! This is due to the increased blood supply inside the body. Your palms may develop red lines. You will feel the need for more air during this time.
  • The veins in your legs are now more conspicuous; you may be prone to varicose veins in case you are overweight.
  • Your legs will ache if you stand for long periods of time.
  • Your hair will suddenly look thick and lustrous as there is less hair fall during pregnancy.
  • You may have brittle nails during this period.
  • Time for mood swings again. You will experience strange fears of being a parent. This is normal.
  • There will be waging doubts in your mind regarding the abilities to raise a child. This happens mostly because you start seeing your bump growing day after day. This is largely hormonal and natural.

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Changes In Your Baby:

This is the most exciting part. Your baby will undergo some rapid development from here on. Take a look at some great advancements happening inside your womb:

  • Your baby’s weight would have doubled in the last two weeks of the 5th month.
  • The height of your baby will measure about 13 cm from head to tail.
  • The blood vessels will be visible inside your baby’s translucent skin
  • Your baby’s legs will be disproportionate to the rest of his body, as they will be longer than his arms and are flexed at the knees and ankles.
  • Ossification of bones will continue with calcium depositing regularly on them.
  • Your baby’s reproductive system will now be certainly developed. If it’s a girl, she will have ovaries containing as many as 3 million eggs, which is a lifetime’s supply; In case of a boy, his testicles are still sitting high up in the abdomen.
  • The nipples will be more prominent on your baby’s chest
  • Your baby’s primary and deciduous teeth will be formed in the gums. The fluoride that you will consume via water everyday will help boost the development of tooth enamel in your baby.
  • Your baby is now fully expressive. He can stretch, yawn and make cute faces.
  • Your baby now possesses his unique fingerprints.
  • The kidneys are fully functional by the end of Month 5. Your baby will also be producing urine that forms a fair share of the amniotic fluid.
  • Your baby’s skin will now be covered in vernix caseosa, a white greasy substance.