3 Potential Risks Related To Painting During Pregnancy

3 potential risks related to painting during pregnancy

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It is natural for you to decorate your baby’s room before the birth. But painting the walls when you are expecting may not be the best option.

Whether you are moving to a new place, or just getting the nursery ready, there are a few things you must know about paints and painting smell during pregnancy.

3 High Risks Related To Painting During Pregnancy:

The level of risk that painting can cause depends on the type of paint that you are using and the duration of exposure to paint. Here are 3 risks regarding painting during early pregnancy.

1. General Hazards:

The fumes that are released during painting can be potentially dangerous to unborn babies. Since you inhale them, they reach the fetus as well.

  • The task can be physically strenuous. Picking up paint buckets or moving furniture while painting can pose a risk.
  • Climbing ladders should be strictly avoided, as you can easily lose balance during pregnancy
  • The risk is highest while you are in the first trimester, as that
    is the time when the organs of the baby begin to form. So avoiding paints during the first three months will be the best.
  • If the paint gets in touch with your skin, it can cause allergies, as well as other reactions.
  • Industrial paints, like car paints cause greater risk. Being around such paints can be poisonous.

2. Oil Based Paints:

Solvent based or oil based paints contain chemicals like ethers, biocides and toluene.

  • There is a risk of getting exposed to spirits and alkanes found in these paints.
  • It has been found that considerable exposure to these chemicals impact your unborn child and may cause dangers like miscarriage, damage to brain and other deformities.
  • Cleaning up such paint is also tough, as it requires turpentine oil or spirits.
  • Spray paints are worst as they create more fumes and enhance the chances of inhaling harmful chemicals.

3. Lead Based Paints:

These are no longer used nowadays, but were very popular a few decades back and are highly toxic.

Scraping lead based paint will cause you to inhale the dust, which can cause lead poisoning. The fumes and dust are harmful to you as well as your unborn child.

Precautions While Painting During Pregnancy:

Though there has been little research on the issue of safety of painting for would be moms, yet you must take all the precautions that you can. Here are some of them:

  • Keep the room well ventilated so that the fumes can escape.
  • Wear a mask that is meant for such work.
  • Take frequent breaks, making sure you are not painting at a stretch.
  • Wear clothes that cover your head, arms and legs completely, so as to minimize the chances of getting paint on your skin. Also wear gloves while painting.
  • Do not smell the paint directly, lest it makes you sick.
  • Try to use non-toxic paints that are safer.
  • Keep any food and drink away from the area where painting is being done. The chemical fumes can mix with the food, making them unsafe.
  • Wash your hands properly once you are through with painting.

Paints That Are Safe:

A paint that is safe enough can be a bit costlier, but it will keep you stress free. Try these:

  • Latex or acrylic paints or water based paints are considered safe enough for pregnant women as they are low on chemicals. They can be easily washed with soap and water.
  • Chemical free paints or non-toxic paints are also available. These are advised for use in babies’ rooms and are safe for pregnant women.

While there are precautions that you can take to make painting safe and pleasurable, the best way out is to let someone else do the job, while you stay away from the room. You can always enjoy the view of the freshly painted room once it has been done.

Hope you enjoy our little guide for you to enjoy painting. Have more tried and tested tips? Do share them with us.

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