Top 25 Panda Bear Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Meet Panda Bear – one of the best known species, yet the rarest animals of the world. This black and white furred animal is the ambassador of the endangered species and is also recognized as the symbol of wildlife conservation internationally.

More About Panda Bear:

Panda Bear is an interesting animal. Teach your kid more about Panda Bears.

  • Panda Bears resemble a bear a lot and are also known as giant panda or big bear cat.
  • They are great tree climbers and good swimmers too.
  • They use their small tail to mark territories.
  • They are born white.
  • They can not crawl until they turn 3 months.
  • It is only after that they develop their much loved black and white color.

Most kids have a love for the

se furry animals because of the cute looks and you will often find a lot of stuff toys of a panda bear. If your kid too loves Panda Bear get your kid interested to color these pages. Share the good information about this endangered species, while he or she colors.

Top 10 Panda Bear Coloring Pages For Kids:

Panda Bear is known to be a solitary animal. It typically spends almost two-thirds of a day eating and the rest in sleeping or lazing. It resembles a bear a lot and is one of the shyest animals too.

Here are the top 10 panda bear coloring pictures for you.

1. Panda Bear Eating Bamboo:

Panda bears eat bamboos all day long.

  • They are carnivorous, but their digestive system isn’t as effective digesting plant matter. Hence, they survive on bamboos.
  • It is their favorite food and they eat almost 20 different varieties of bamboos.
  • This picture can be a good way of teaching your kid about Panda Bear’s eating habits.

2. Panda On A Tree Branch:

A Panda spends almost one-third of its time in a day resting.

  • This next picture shows a cute Panda bear atop a tree branch.
  • Get your kid to color this picture while teaching him about Panda Bear’s regular habits.

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3. Panda Bear And Family:

This next picture shows a Panda Bear family with the mamma Bear reading out a story to her kids.

  • Use this picture to get your kid interested in both coloring and reading.
  • It makes for a really cute coloring page.

4. Merry Panda Bear:

This next picture is really a cute picture with just Panda Bear’s face.

  • The Christmas cap makes the picture even cuter.
  • Coloring this picture will help your kid learn more about Panda Bear’s face details.

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5. Momma Panda With Baby Panda:

The next picture is a beautiful one. It shows mummy Panda cuddling and playing with baby Panda.

  • It shows the great mother-baby relationship.
  • Get your kid to color this picture and help him know the mother-baby bond better.

6. Panda Siblings:

Kids must learn about the love and bond that siblings share.

  • When your kid sees other creatures of nature being caring and loving towards siblings, he too will quickly adapt it. This next picture might just help you with that.
  • The picture shows two cute baby Panda Bears are resting on each other, lying calmly.

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7. Mummy Panda And Baby Panda Eating Together:

The next picture shows both mummy and baby Panda bears enjoying their food together. It also happens to share a good piece of information that you might want to share with your kid.

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8. The Hunting Panda:

The next picture shows our very own Panda Bear out on a hunt.

  • Seems like Panda has been already hungry and is on his way to grab his favorite food – bamboos.
  • While coloring this picture, your kid can learn a thing or two about Panda Bear’s posture and body structure.

9. Panda Reaching Out:

The picture up next shows Panda Bear almost reaches out for something.

  • What makes this special fun to color is the backdrop. This picture is a little difficult for the young kids.
  • It can challenge your kid’s creativity and turn out something pleasurable as an activity.

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10. Little Panda:

Here is something for your younger kid that he would totally love both looking at and coloring.

  • This last picture very well captures the innocence and cuteness of a baby panda.
  • You can get your kid to color this picture while sharing a snippet like baby Panda takes weeks before first opening his eyes to the world.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article and your kid equally enjoys coloring these free printable panda bear coloring pages. Share their work with us. Till then enjoy seeing your kid coloring these pages!