20 Best Gifts To Buy For A 2 Year Old Baby

2 year old baby gifts

Congratulations on your darling’s second birthday!!

It is now more fun while playing and doing activities with your two year old than cuddling your bundle of joy before a year ago. Your two year old is bursting with curiosity and energy which forces you to find activities that attracts your darling’s attention.

Your baby is learning new skills every passing day. This is a time when tots learns to balance and explores the world around them.

Shopping for two year old babies can be a little tricky as you need to buy those toys that will keep them busy, in addition you will want your baby to learn and help increase the ability to focus. Your baby is now mobile and can move around independently. At this age, he/she will probably be more interested in dragging and pull along toys, big building blocks, toy puzzles, etc.

To understand what toys will suit a two year old, it is very important to know the milestones achieved and what they are capable of doing. This will help you to choose toys according

to your child’s capability.

Milestones For A 2 Year Old Toddler:

Your two year old is full of energy. Your toddler may have achieved, or will soon achieve, the following milestones:

  • Your toddler’s imagination will take off at this age. He or she might get a fear of fictitious monsters and may like fairy tales.
  • Is most likely able to speak clearly. This is a time when his vocabulary will increase tremendously.
  • Can climb up and down the stairs, pedal a tricycle and can jump from a step or two.
  • Is capable of sharpening fine motor skills like opening a container or a door, can operate moving parts of toys and the like.
  • Is capable of sorting out various shapes, sizes and probably colors too.
  • Is capable of accomplishing simple puzzles.
  • Has also developed social and emotional skills and can show affection to toys and playmates too.
  • Your role, as a parent, is to provide your toddler with the toys that would be encouraging enough to develop cognitive milestones and also to develop fine motor skills.

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Best Gifts For A 2 Year Old Baby:

Your baby is now more assertive and there is a tug-of-war between the desire to get independent and a continued need for help from you. Give them toys that provide a way to channel this bursting energy. Introduce them to a wide variety of colorful, hard wearing and interesting toys that stimulate their curiosity. Here we have the best gifts for 2 year olds, a selection of educational toys, wooden toys, plastic toys and puzzles that certainly grab their attention. Your little one shows interest in pushing, pulling and dragging around the toys and they will have unlimited fun. They will be attracted to bright objects that create interesting sounds.

Here is our collection of 20 top toys for a 2 Year Old baby:

1. John Deere Deluxe Talking Tool-belt:

john deere deluxe talking tool belt

This will help develop your baby’s fine motor skills. This is a complete tool-belt set and comes with the following features:

  • The set comes with four commonly used easy to hold tools like wrench, hammer, screwdriver and pliers.
  • It comes with adjustable belt that has a ‘talking’ feature.
  • The set comes with ‘John Deere’ cap which your baby will absolutely love wearing.
  • It runs on three AAA batteries, is safe, durable and light in weight.
  • All these qualities of this tool set will make your little one run around in excited action.

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2. No Spill Bubble Guitar:

no spill bubble guitar

Toddlers love to play music and what better way to channel this energy than gift a musical toy! This no spill bubble guitar would be a great gift for your little music lover and let him or her rock like a star in style. It comes with the following features:

  • Three music buttons which are toddler-friendly and can be activated easily.
  • It has three different rhythms and along with strings, three different melodies can be created.
  • By pressing the button from the neck of the guitar, a stream of bubbles come outs while the music is playing. This feature can be turned on or off. It contains 4 fl. oz. of bubbles.
  • Your toddler will love to experiment with different genres of music. This will help instill a sense of music and rhythm in your toddler.