Is It True Your Feet Could Grow During Pregnancy?

Your Feet Could Grow During Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and finding it difficult to get into your regular pair of shoes? Do you think your feet may have suddenly grown even as your pregnancy is progressing?

Your body will be going through a sea change while you are pregnant. Have you heard of ‘pregnancy feet’? A change in your foot size is one of the many changes you will undergo. The article will tell you why your feet grow when you are pregnant. To find out more, check out this post!

Do Feet Grow During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is entirely normal for your feet to grow while you are pregnant. According to the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a research by the University of Iowa suggests that the size and shape of your feet change during pregnancy.

Normally, many people have a gap under the arch of the foot when they are standing. During pregnancy, you may develop flat feet. It implies that you may not have an arch at all, or it will be very low . Normally, it is a painless condition. Howeve

r, in rare cases it may cause a discomfort while standing or walking. You must consult your doctor if you experience any pain in your feet while expecting.

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Why Is My Feet Growing During Pregnancy?

Your pregnancy will not just cause a growth in your belly. You will also experience pregnancy feet! When you are pregnant, your body produces the relaxin hormone. The hormone loosens the various joints and pelvic ligaments in your body and feet. It allows your bones to separate a little.

The weight gain during pregnancy increases the pressure on the arches of your feet. As a result, the arches of your feet will start moving more towards the ground. Both these conditions together can make your feet grow while you are pregnant.

How Much Do Feet Grow During Pregnancy?

Normally, your feet may grow about half a shoe size while you are pregnant. In addition, you may have a swelling in your feet due to fluid retention in your body. The edema disappears after childbirth. However, the growth and change in shape of your feet during pregnancy will be permanent.You may experience the maximum change in your feet size and shape during your first pregnancy(1). It may reduce as you experience multiple pregnancies.

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Does Foot Growth During Pregnancy Cause Any Health Issues?

The growth in your feet may not cause any serious medical or health issues. However, it is possible that you may experience pain in your feet, even after delivery. In addition, you may also experience some discomfort in your hips, knees or spine. The growth on your feet could also lead to arthritis. Hence, it is important to speak to your doctor about any ache in your feet while you are still pregnant.

Points To Remember:

As your feet grow during pregnancy, you may not fit into your favorite pair of sandals. Follow these simple tips to ensure your feet are comfortable, and your shoes are not pinching you:

  • Invest in a pair of slip-ons that has flat heels or no heels at all.
  • Ensure your shoe is roomy.


You can trace the shoe on a paper and trace your feet over it. Your feet should fit within the outline of the shoe. In case, the outlines of your feet overlap with that of the shoe or spill out, you need a bigger size.

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Embrace the changes in your feet and body as you think of the bliss of motherhood that awaits you! Speak to your doctor if you experience any discomfort. Ensure you get enough rest time. Do not stand for long and take frequent breaks in between. Always wear comfortable footwear.

If you have seen your feet grow during pregnancy, please share your experience here with us.

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