10 Cute Farm Animals Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love


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Farm animals have always been attractive to toddlers, especially due to the various children’s books and cartoons which they watch.

Do you see your child toying around with a pen or pencil? Why not put her energies into action!

All Time Favorite Farm Animals Coloring Pages For kids:

One of the most important and potent ways of children actually taking a keen interest in these animals would be if they actually color them, since during their recreational phase, they are at their imaginative best. The following are the various farm animals coloring pages free.

1. Cow:

The most important animal on a farm, the cow is one animal which your child would love to color.

  • The picture which is shown here is rather in
    teresting and will be successful in attracting the child’s attention.
  • The picture is both fun as well as simple and would be apt for children above the age of two years.

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2. Horse:

This majestic animal is one of the favorites for most children and as a result, almost all of them prefer coloring it.

  • This picture is a little mature which is why children above the age of four years should try their hand at it.
  • Horses have always been a source of curiosity for children since they are enigmatic and beautiful.
  • This picture would whet your child’s interests and their thirst for knowledge.

3. Sheep:

This is another animal which has always been rather popular among children. Children love the fact that sheep are playful as well as timid.

  • Most children even have a pet sheep, in case they have grown up on farms.
  • This picture is really cute and depicts the sheep in a friendly and welcoming light.
  • It is apt for children above three years.

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4. Hen And Chick:

One of the most important animals of the farm, hen and chick are interesting as well as funny for the children.

  • The way the hens go on pecking the worms and the way the chicks run along from one part of the farm to the other is something which always makes children squeal out in happiness.
  • This picture is rather cute and will ensure that your child will color the page happily and with a lot of interest.

5. Cock:

This animal is one which always reminds one of the cuckooing right in the morning.

  • Children always relate this animal with an environment of a farm.
  • This image is apt for children above the age of three years.

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6. Duck:

This picture shows a duck along with her chicks.

  • This is another picture which is quite stereotypical of a farm.
  • This picture is apt for children above the age of four years.
  • This picture shows the chicks as well which ensures that the child may well color both at the same time.

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7. Goat:

The picture shows a goat in a rather friendly as well as funny light.

  • Children will be automatically drawn to such pictures since they find it funny as well as interesting at the same.
  • This particular picture is good for children above the age of two years.

8. Pig:

Pigs are adorable little animals.

  • This picture is extremely cute and is apt for children above the age of two years.
  • The picture would be quite successful in attracting the attention of children.

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9. Farm Dog:

Farm dogs are meant to keep the cattle in place.

  • These animals are an integral part of farm life.
  • This picture shows the dog in a rather cute light which would be necessary to attract the attention of children.

10. Cat:

Children anyway love cats and feel drawn towards them.

  • This picture shows the cat in a seated position.
  • This picture would only encourage toddlers to channelize their imagination in a productive manner.

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There is no better way to introduce your toddler to these free printable farm animals coloring pages. Not only will they learn about the animal in question, but will also learn other concepts like colors, habitats, food, etc. Print out these adorable farm animals and watch with glee as your toddler will color farm animals coloring pictures in the most creative ways ever!

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