10 Incredible Alphabet Craft Ideas for Your Toddler

Alphabet Craft Ideas

One of your primary tasks as a mother is to prepare your child for the adult world. As you watch your toddler at play, this statement may look farfetched, but time flies when you are having fun! Before you know it, your little one will be ready for school.

You need to prepare your child for school. When should you start? As soon as you can! Learning letters, colors, shapes, etc. is essential for your toddler.

Teaching your toddler the alphabet goes much beyond reciting the alphabet song. If she learns to identify letters and sounds early, you can have an early reader to deal with (1) ! The sooner you start, the better! How about preschool alphabet crafts? Yes, the best way to teach you toddler the alphabet is through alphabet craft.

Here we present 10 amazing alphabet crafts for toddlers that will help them learn alphabets easily:

1. Alphabet Parking Lot:

Alphabet Parking Lot

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Here’s a fun alphabet craft for preschoolers who love toy cars. All you need for this idea is some tape, scisso

r, paper, and toy cars. Just stick pieces of paper on the floor to create a mini parking lot. Stick uppercase alphabets in the parking slots. Then stick lower case alphabets on the tops of toy cars. Now let your toddler park the cars in the right slot! A great way to recognize lower and upper case letters!

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2. Funny Font Letter Collage:

Funny Font Letter Collage

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Toddler craft gets a tech makeover with this idea! Gather letters in different, fun fonts and print them on paper. Next get your toddler to cut the letters. Now get him to sort the letters into different piles. The last step is the most fun! Ask your toddler to paste the fonts on the same letter written on a cardboard. A great way to hone fine motor skills while teaching letter recognition, 21st century style!

3. Alphabet Wall Mural:

Alphabet Wall Mural

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Turn your wall into a piece of art. Well, toddler art that is! You’ll need the usual craft items for this idea. Craft paper, tape, crayons, markers, stickers, etc. are some things you’ll need. Think big and stick the craft paper on the wall. Now print out letters of the alphabet on it. This is the time to get your toddler involved! Get her to color the letters. You can even let her decorate the mural with stickers.

4. Alphabet Tree:

Alphabet Tree

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Build an alphabet tree to teach your child her letters. This is also a great way to teach your toddler how to spell, if she is ready. You’ll need craft paper, letters of the alphabet (you can print them out on paper and then cut them), scissor, glue, and crayons. You can cut alphabets in the shape of leaves to make it look for attractive. Draw a tree trunk and branches on the craft paper and then cut them out. Color them to look like a real tree.

Now glue the tree trunk and branches on a chart paper. Next, ask your toddler to stick the alphabet leaves on the tree. If she is learning to spell, you can ask her to stick the letters to spell a word.

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5. Alphabet Book:

Alphabet Book

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What can be more fun than creating your very own alphabet book? You’ll need two sheets of 9″x12″ craft paper for each book. Cut four sheets out of each piece and fold them in half. This will make a book with 32 pages. Once the pages are in place, make a hole in the middle of the folded part and tie the pages together with a string. You can now start working on your book. Draw an A on the first page and then ask your toddler to draw an object that starts with the same letter. You can also cut pictures from magazines and glue them on the pages. Do the same for all the letters and your book will be ready in no time! If your toddler loses interest in between, come back to it some other day.