Which Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

which medications are safe during pregnancy

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Medication and pregnancy go hand in hand. There will be many medicines you will be prescribed by your doctor to take during pregnancy. But in no case should you decide to take any medicine on your own.

In case of any ailment or medical condition that requires you to take certain medicines, you must discuss with your doctor as to how can this particular medicine benefits you and your growing baby in your womb. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the risk factors that can harm your or possess any potential threat for your growing baby.

OTC – A Complete No-No:

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you will realize that those over the counter (OTC) medicines which you consumed earlier are not safer now, without your doctor’s nod.

  • Some of these medicines which were ‘okay’ before may not work the same way now, since your body is not the same as before. Do not take any risks, and always consult your doctor.
  • You might notice, on top of certain medication’s packaging or
    label, a disclaimer or assurance saying that it will not affect pregnant women harmfully. Even then, you should not take it without your doctor’s approval.
  • Moreover, when you get prescription from any other doctor, make sure to inform them about your pregnancy. He might then prescribe as per the requirement.

When To Take Help Of Drugs And Medication During Pregnancy?

It is a rare scenario, that during the nine months of pregnancy you remain disease free or are not affected by any ailment. So when you are down with any illness, you might have two situations as mentioned below:

1. When Medication Is By Choice:

In many cases, medicines may not be necessary to get rid of the ailment. During pregnancy you should avoid taking medicines in such cases.

  • If you are suffering from cold, avoid taking the usual drugs that you consumed before you were pregnant.
  • In such a scenario, opt for alternative methods to soothe its suffering like drinking more warm fluids and taking lot of rest.

2. When Medication Is The Only Option:

Though in theory you may be asked to avoid certain medication (and you should rightfully do so) but in some cases, medicine intake may become necessary.

  • If you are suffering from urine infection, then the only way to treat it is through medication. If not treated it can cause complications in pregnancy. Same goes with some kind of viral or bacterial infection.
  • Thus in this scenario, a doctor will prescribe you medicines which do not affect your fetus.

Important Aspects of Drugs During Pregnancy:

Always remember, that during nine months you have to keep a good track on your health. That comprises both healthy diet and medications. Here is a small guide on what and when medication is required and what precautions you must consider before deciding on which medicines are safe during pregnancy.

1. In The Nascent Stage Of Pregnancy:

When you are trying to conceive your baby, you may not know when exactly you got pregnant. It is normally after a fortnight that you get the confirmed good news!

  • In such cases even while you are not pregnant but trying, as much as possible you should avoid consuming medicines without consulting your doctor.
  • This is because, the first month of pregnancy is very important – It is only in these initial days that your baby will develop bones, brain, etc.
  • During this time your doctor will recommend you to consume folic acid tablets to avoid any birth defects in your baby.