10 Interesting Kindergarten Learning Games And Activities

Kindergarten Learning Games

Congratulations parents! Your little one’s foray into the big world is almost here, and you may be busy preparing your toddler for “the first day of school.”

Want to show your toddler the fun side of learning? Well, the easiest and advanced kindergarten activities can help build the foundation for reading, math and more. The activities are designed to keep the toddlers engaged and have fun while familiarizing with letters and numbers.

Toddlers learn to follow directions while playing outdoor games and start learning through actions. You can find your toddler breaking the shackles of communication barrier and bonding with others well.

Kindergarten Learning Activities And Games:

Here is list of fun learning activities for kindergarten that will make learning a fun filled activity:

1. Playing With Beads:


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  • Categorizing and sorting beans can be an engaging activity for your kindergartner.
  • She can develop her problem solving skills and math playing with beads.

2. Story Telling:


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  • Sharing family stories are a good way to understand what family is and the way things are different or similar from the previous generations.
  • This offers a strong foundation for social studies.
  • Toddlers also learn rhyming and sequencing skills better with storytelling activities.

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3. Bubbles:


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  • Playing with bubbles, can be extremely engaging and fun filled activity.
  • It helps developing observation skills.

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4. Playing With Clay:


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  • Creating letters with clay can be interesting projects for your toddlers.
  • This offers a hands-on writing experience.

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5. Making Name Books:


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  • This is one of the very interactive yet personal development activities.
  • Help your toddler build a name book. Check out some websites on how to prepare it.
  • She can read it several times to develop reading skills. Also write in it her name and several easy spellings with your help.

6. Coin Counting:


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  • Counting pennies, nickels and dimes can be an interesting way to familiarize with numbers.
  • It can also help in sorting.

7. Making Noise With Utensils:


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  • Banging pots, pans and tins can be great fun for toddlers.
  • This will help your toddler learn the basics of music.

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8. Name Puzzles:


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  • Playing name puzzles can be an exciting way to help your toddler with spellings.
  • She can recognize her name this way.

9. Imagination & Creativity:


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  • Toddlers can be asked “what papa would buy for his baby?”
  • Teach your tots rhymes like, “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word; Papa’s going to buy you a mocking bird. If the mocking bird won’t sing, Papa’s going to buy you a diamond ring”,
  • These help toddlers develop language skills faster.

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10. Indoor Treasure Hunt Activities:


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  • Toddlers can be asked to look for snacks and small toys hidden around the house. Your toddler can draw maps that lead to the treasure.
  • The whole activity can be extremely fun and your toddler may ask for another hunt as well.

Why Kindergarten Games and Activities Are Important?

Preschool games and activities help children develop their life skills in different ways. Here is why these activities are so important:

  • Your child will absorb everything around him like a sponge.
  • Kindergarteners are exposed to lessons better with educational games and learn while having fun.
  • Your child is naturally fond of playing and will invent himself in the course of the play.
  • The games help your child to learn more and retain most of it.
  • The educational games harness creativity that prepares your child to think better.

These fun learning games for kindergarten will satisfy the curiosity and holds the attention. The whole range of math, science and reading activities make them smarter and sharper. Dance, music, crafts, cooking can be creative and fun activities for your preschoolers that help sharpen their academic skills.

You must allow your toddler to use her skills while playing. So, make sure to allow her to explore the world around every day and learn new things. See your child surprising you with her new explorations every day!

Which of these kindergarten learning activities would you like to play with your tot? Share them with other parents in the comment section below.

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