Top 25 Alligator Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Coloring is something that your kid will love as their favorite pastime. Give them their loved characters to color, they will not disturb you.

The Alligator coloring sheets should be your number one choice if your kid loves wild animals and has a childhood dream of becoming an alligator hunter. They are fun and interactive while also showcasing a more humorous side to alligators as opposed to the reputation that precedes them.

Top 10 Alligator Coloring Pages For Kids:

The alligator coloring pages printable will allow your husband and your boy to bond over alligators, considering that the male species is more fascinated with the animal. This means that you have the opportunity to enjoy some spare t

ime to pamper yourself! Check out our collection of 10 alligator coloring pages to print for your kids:

1. ‘A’ For Alligator:

This picture will help your kid learn about the letters of the alphabet as well as vowels.

  • Your child will be able to associate the alphabet ‘A’ to the word ‘Alligator’.
  • He will also learn about the vowels – A and you can also teach him that there are other vowels – E, I, O and U.
  • Your child will be able to differentiate between the big and small A.

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2. Alligator In Natural Habitat:

This picture will introduce your child to an alligator’s natural habitat.

  • Teach your kid about how the alligator stays near a swamp.
  • Talk about the lovely flowers that surround area – a way to break up the monotony.

3. Alligator With Ball:

This picture will help your child relate more to the alligator.

  • Just as your kid plays with a ball, this picture depicts how much fun an alligator also loves to have.
  • Your kid will love the fact that alligators love playing with a ball.

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4. Alligator In Motion:

The next picture showcases an alligator in motion.

  • Will help your child build better hand-eye coordination.
  • This picture establishes a personal touch as it shows an alligator waving out to your kid.

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5. Baby Alligator:

This picture will help your child learn about the alligator’s offspring while he enjoys coloring this cute baby alligator.

  • Teach your child that baby alligators are referred to as ‘hatchlings’.
  • This cute picture is perfect if your kid has just started learning about animals in school.

6. Dancing Alligator:

This picture is unconventional and will add fun to the coloring session.

  • Your kid will enjoy a fun picture, especially if he enjoys dancing as much as the alligator.
  • Put on some music while he colors to set the mood. Also, do a little jig with him to bond with your kid better.

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7. Alligator In Water:

This picture will allow your kid to learn more about where an alligator lives.

  • Your child will relate to the picture, especially if he enjoy water as well.
  • Your child will also be able to associate letter ‘W’ with ‘Water’.

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8. Happy Alligator:

If your child is new to coloring, this is the perfect picture to get things started.

  • It will teach your child to color with the specified area instead of all over the page.
  • Your child will also feel accomplished as the alligator in the picture is giving your kid a ‘thumbs up’ for a job well done.

9. Chef Alligator:

This picture will offer a fun take on how alligators love to eat food, especially meat.

  • Your child will learn about the various food habits of alligators.
  • Your child might also want to have his food straight after since he feels that he would be accompanying the alligator.

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10. Alligator In A Tub:

This picture is perfect for your kid if he enjoys coloring as a pastime.

  • The picture is visually appealing for kids who are around 2-3 years of age.
  • You want to prepare the bath because your child might want to jump into a tub too after coloring the picture.

These free printable alligator coloring pages online offer a variety of options to keep your kid occupied. Also, it will help him to see a more humorous and fun side to one of the most ferocious animals in the world. Giving him alligator coloring pictures will help improve his visual interpretation of animals too.

Hope your kid learned a lot about alligators while having fun coloring. Share your views by commenting below.