Is It Safe To Consume Pasta During Pregnancy?

Pasta During Pregnancy

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The nine months of your pregnancy are the most delicate nine months of you and your little growing baby’s life. During your pregnancy, you need to take great precautions, regarding what is right and what is not, for your developing baby.

Food habits are the main issues that need to be monitored during these vital nine months. A healthy and balanced diet is recommended for all expecting mothers. But is pasta safe during pregnancy? Here is our small pasta consumption guide for you.

Types Of Pasta:

Pasta is, without fail, a very filling and delicious food item. In order to decide what’s healthy and what’s not while you are expecting, let us first look into the types of pasta that are available.

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1. The Processed Variety:

This kind of pasta is the one that is available in departmental stores. It is processed and is generally devoid of all the nutrients that are good for one’s body.

2. The Whole-Wheat Variety:

This is the kind that you can m

ake at home by rolling your own dough out of whole wheat. It contains the richness of grains and is full of good carbohydrates and vitamins that would do you a world of good.

From the above categorization, it is very clear that the home-made variety of pasta is the one that should be used to satiate your pasta craving during your pregnancy.

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The Goodness Of Pasta:

Since pasta is basically made of grains, it has some very important constituent nutrients that can go a long way to sustain you and your bundle of joy growing within you.

  • Pasta can be whole grain or multi-grain.
  • It is rich in essential carbohydrates, folic acid and Vitamins A and B.
  • Pasta dishes are usually accompanied by sauces and side dishes. This gives you room to be creative and add all the good things to your diet in a healthy manner.
  • The meat that you use in your pasta dish not only adds to the flavor of the dish but also makes your meal protein-rich.
  • Pasta is a great way to include vegetables in your diet.
  • You can add anything that you wish to your pasta and make it a power-packed pasta dish which is high on nutrient content.
  • Pasta is low on sodium content. This means that this is one food item that has lesser chances of wrecking your blood pressure levels during the gestational period.

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Risks In Eating Pasta During Pregnancy:

Even though pasta is a great way to satiate your hunger pangs during the months of pregnancy, it is better to steer clear of consuming pasta at frequent intervals. Eating too much pasta in pregnancy can cause complications.

  • Pasta is made of wheat. Make sure that you are not wheat intolerant before you eat any pasta.
  • Excess pasta consumption can displace your blood pressure level.
  • It is low in sodium content but if had in large quantities during pregnancy it may cause troubles. So, eat it in moderation.
  • Pasta has high gluten content. Stay away from eating pasta if you are intolerant to gluten.
  • Too much of pasta can cause unwanted weight gain.
  • Pasta is low on fiber and this can lead to problems associated with gastritis, if had in large quantities.
  • Those diagnosed with gestational diabetes should avoid pasta.
  • Pasta is also known to trigger bacterial growth in the stomach. In case of delicate digestion system, it is best avoided during pregnancy.

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Having taken all these facts into consideration, it is safe to conclude that consuming pasta in small amounts and with moderate frequency is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

If you eat pasta in restaurants, make sure the sauce used does not contain any allergens or food items prohibited during pregnancy, for e.g., any preservatives or shell-fish based sauces.

We hope that this article answers all your queries regarding consuming pasta during pregnancy. If you have something more to add, we would love to hear from you.

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