10 Interesting Summer Activities & Crafts For Toddlers

Interesting Summer Activities

Summer is synonymous with holidays, outdoor activities and plain fun and frolic!

Summer is the time of renewal; it is also the time when the days are longer and toddlers are their most active. This summer, ditch the Ipads and the laptops and do something creative with your sweet little toddler.

Top 10 Fun Summer Activities For Toddlers:

Your sweet baby is now a terrific toddler, who does not like to sit still for more than ten seconds! Research indicates that spending time with toddlers helps with better cognitive development for them. Let’s look at 10 interesting summer activities for toddlers:

1. Baking And Icing Cookies:

Baking And Icing Cookies

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Toddlers learn by feeling things hence mixing dough and handling sprinkles and icing is great for learning. Rolling out cookies and cutting the shapes helps in the development of gross motor skills.

  • You may have to cover the table with a newspaper to prevent any stains. Always ensure that your tots do not touch any hot surface.
  • The reward for this activity is yummy cookies, which they can decorate to their hearts content.
  • Opt for icings and sprinkles with natural colors rather than synthetic dyes.

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2. Hand Color Chart:

Hand Color Chart

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This is an excellent opportunity to teach your toddler about the spectrum of colors. Make a homemade finger paint mix, as given below.

  • Mix one cup of cold water with corn flour.
  • Add 4 cups of boiling water for the consistency you need.
  • Add more water or cornflour as you need.
  • Once you get a thick gooey mixture, then you can add the colors.
  • You can also buy non-toxic poster paints or finger paints and let the children make hand prints to identify colors.

3. Foot Print Slippers:

Foot Print Slippers

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You can make cute paper slippers by using the above paint recipe and making footprints.

  • Let your toddler make footprints on the chart paper and cut them in slipper shapes.
  • Add two bands for a fun slipper.
  • This activity also helps in color recognition.

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4. Crepe Paper Collage Flowers:

Crepe Paper Collage Flowers

Image: Source

This activity is an excellent way to enhance the gross motor skills of your toddler.

  • Simply tear crepe paper into small pieces.
  • Ask the toddler to roll them.
  • Glue the rolled crepe paper balls to make collage flowers.
  • This is a fun activity and can keep your toddler occupied for a long time.

5. Prepare A Sensory Box:

Prepare A Sensory Box

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This is one of the perfect outdoor activities for toddlers in summer.

  • You can use sand or water for outdoors and rice for indoor activities.
  • Simply fill a plastic box with the material and add items where your child can dig and search for treasure.
  • You can give your toddler tasks such as finding 5 small balls, finding a pink comb, finding matching colored spoons, etc.
  • Your toddler will develop listening skills and enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt.

6. Color Stamping:

Color Stamping

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This is a great way to keep your naughty toddler engaged happily at one place.

  • Use everyday items to make stamps like the tops of various vegetables like lady finger, brinjal and even cauliflower florets.
  • Let your toddler dip these in paint and make stamps on a chart paper.

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7. Tub Time:

Tub Time

Image: source

If you have a backyard garden or a terrace space, then this is a perfect summer activity for toddlers. This activity must be supervised as it contains water.

  • Just fill up a tub with treasures and toys and lets your toddler hunt for them.
  • This activity will involve a lot of splashing and will keep them cool on hot summer days.

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