15 Best 4th Of July Coloring Pages For Your Toddlers


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The 4thof July in USA is a day of celebration and fireworks as it marks the Independence Day of the great nation. The signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 ensured that the Americans receive liberation from their captives.

Therefore, this set of 4th of july coloring pages printable are patriotic and fun, giving your child another reason to celebrate. These 4th of july pictures to color are also slightly complex in nature and will therefore ensure that your child is challenged enough to improve his coloring skills. While your child will use the predominant colors of blue, white and red, allow him to also experiment with other bright hues to really make each image pop.

Collection Of Best 4th Of July Coloring Pages:

The 4th of july coloring pages free to print are extremely patriotic and can also be used to decorate your home once they are colored by your kid. Your child can use one of these images for ‘show and tell’ once school open after the holidays.

1. 4th Of July:

The 4thof July logo stands out prominently in this picture.

  • Your kid can start off his coloring exercise with this picture as it highlights 4th of July with the ‘Uncle Sam’ hat prominently.
  • It should be noted that the average age of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was only 45 years.

2. The American Flag:

This picture the ‘Happy 4thof July’ words against the backdrop of the American flag.

  • Your kid will be required to use red, blue and white for the flag and other bright hues for the other elements in the picture.
  • This image can be used as an entrance banner for when guests arrive to your home on the 4th of July.

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3. Happy 4thOf July:

This picture wishes everyone a happy 4thof July.

  • This image is apt for children who are just learning how to color at school.
  • The Philippines and Rwanda both share their Independence Day on the 4th of July as well.

4. Patriotic Teddy:

A happy teddy in his ‘Uncle Sam’ cap wishes everyone a Happy 4thof July.

  • Your kid will develop better hand-eye coordination as a result of coloring this picture.
  • The most patriotic song sung on this day is ‘Yankee Doodle’.

5. Boy And Girl Watching Fireworks:

The coloring page showcases a boy and girl watching the beautiful fireworks on the 4thof July.

  • Your kid might require extra assistance when coloring this picture.
  • He can use glitter to outline the sparks from the fireworks.

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6. Hoisting The Flag:

A girl and boy are seen hoisting the United States flag along with their dog on the 4thof July.

  • This picture will teach your kid the importance of paying attention to tiny details when coloring.
  • The National Anthem – ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ is sung on this day by all the citizens of the country.

7. Cat And Dog Celebrating The 4thOf July:

This image highlights a cat and dog celebrating on the 4thof July.

  • This picture is apt for children who are above the age of 7 years as it is slightly complex in nature.
  • This cute image can be used as a poster for your kid’s room once colored.

8. Fireworks:

This picture showcases a heart with the American flag embedded in it with fireworks surrounding it.

  • The heart can be cut out and used as a fridge magnet once it is colored.
  • Fireworks are an integral part of the 4th of July celebrations in America.

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9. Colors Assigned To Images:

A flag, the stick holding up the flag and the drum are all assigned specific colors in this image.

  • This will be an easy image to color as there are specific hues which have been assigned to each object.
  • There are Independence parades held in all major cities in America on this day.

10. Boy And Girl Playing Instruments:

A young boy and girl are seen playing instruments while they march on Independence Day.

  • Your kid will enjoy coloring this page because it involves the use of musical instruments.
  • You can make your kid listen to the sounds produced by the trumpet and drum to better acquaint him with the musical instruments.

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11. United States Of America:

This picture showcases the American flag with the name mentioned below.

  • Your kid will learn how to spell ‘United States Of America’.
  • Your child can use different hues to color each alphabet to really make it stand out.

12. Statue Of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty located in New York is highlighted in this picture.

  • You can show your kid a picture of the Statue of Liberty in order for him to understand the color palette used for the picture.
  • This national symbol was given as a gift to America by the French.

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13. Beautiful Fireworks:

The picture highlights fireworks on the 4thof July.

  • You can show your kid a fireworks display on the 4th of July from previous years on YouTube.
  • Your kid can practice spelling ‘Happy 4th of July’.

14. Boy Playing The Drums:

A jubilant young boy is seen here playing the drums in celebration.

  • The large size of the picture will ensure that your kid colors within the specified lines of the picture.
  • Most soldiers take to the street playing their drums during the many parades held on the 4th of July.

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15. The American Map:

The American map is seen here with the flag embedded in it.

  • Your kid can personalize this picture by adding his name to it.
  • The United States of America comprises of 50 states in all.

These free printable 4th of July coloring pages online are fun as they allow your kid to get into the spirit of the festival while coloring these varied images. Most of these images can be used to decorate the house on the big day while also showcasing your kid’s creativity.

Let us know if your kid truly enjoyed coloring this particular set of pages.