Top 10 Letter L Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Coloring has always been a fun activity that is associated with childhood, and chances are, your child too loves the same. If your child has shown an interest in paper and colors, this is the best time to make use of this interest to also add some learning to it. Coloring can be a great way of teaching various things to your child in a fun and easy to understand way. Along with the old-school method of practicing worksheets with children, you can also give different activities and coloring sheets that will help them to learn alphabets.

Top 10 Letter L Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

The letter L is relatively easy to write, with only one standing line and one sleeping line. It’s easier to pronounce also in words like

“milk” and “talk”. Different words can be introduced during teaching your child the letter L. Using letter L coloring sheets will help your child identify words better with the letter and studying will become more fun.

1. ‘L’ For Lemon:

The picture depicts the image of a lemon cut into half. Lemon is a very common household vegetable and children get hands on experience to touch and feel it. Its bright and happy shade of color will attract your child more.

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2. ‘L’ For Lock:

Another easy to recognize household item is a lock. It’s easy design will help your child to color it with ease. Also, you can teach about safety and protection related subjects related to a lock.

3. ‘L’ For Lollipop:

The most favorite item of every child, a lollipop also starts with L. Your child will not only identify it but color it according to his favorite shade and flavor.

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4. ‘L’ For Lion And Lizard:

Here are both scary yet enigmatic creatures in one page. L for lion is the most recognizable word. Lizard too is a very common household pest. The picture shows a contemplative lion sitting and a lizard crawling on its back. Your child will love to color this one due to its eerie nature.

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5. ‘L’ For Love:

The language that every child understands, notwithstanding the age, is love. Identifying the word with the help of letter L is very interesting. The picture has a beautiful heart sign that your child will love to color.

6. L For Lamb And Lemons:

Nobody loves babies more than children, and recognizing a baby sheep in the form of lamb in the letter L is fun. The page also has one full and one half lemons in it, giving the option of playing with a lot of color in one page.

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7. L For Leaf:

Another common object easy to identify is a leaf that is found in abundance in nature. The image shows twirling leaves around the stem of the letter L.

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8. L For Lamp:

Another common household item that will be easy for your child to recognize and identify is a lamp. Its beautiful motives and curves will make it ideal to color it the way your child wants.

9. L Is For Love- The Boy And Girl:

Love is a very common sentiment associated with the letter L. A girl and a boy are peeping from behind the letter L.

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10. Lady Bug On Leaf:

Every child is fascinated with the color of a beautiful ladybug. The leaf also starts with letter L along with the ladybug. The picture shows a beautiful ladybug sitting on a leaf. Compiling these free printable letter l coloring pages online will help your child understand the words associated with the letter L. It will also help teach the way they are pronounced and is a fun way to keep them busy at home. Do share your interesting coloring stories and moments spent with your child in the comment section below.