25 Best Camel Coloring Pages For Your Naughty Kid


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Does your child love the possibility of an adventure despite being limited to his room? If yes, then you should help your child explore his adventurous nature by giving him or her the opportunity to indulge in coloring pages with the camel, as the animal in focus.

Camels are known as adventurous animals as they roam the desert. Your kid will enjoy learning about the ‘Ship of the Desert’ too. Therefore, this exercise will not only keep him occupied, it will allow him to live out his boyhood fantasy of riding a camel in the desert – even if it is just on paper.

The outlined coloring pages will help him stay within the lines when coloring with crayons, also by improving his hand-eye coordination. He wi

ll also have something fun to talk about with his playschool friends when he tells them about all the fascinating things he has learned about camels.

The 10 Best Camel Coloring Pages For Kids:

These camel coloring sheets will familiarize your kid with the camel. You can teach him how camel is a productive and hardworking animal. He will also know about their offspring and other facts and features which will serve as a great educational tool with the help of these camel pictures to color:

1. Camel In Motion:

This is an apt picture to start things off. You can provide an introductory lesson on the camel before he starts coloring this image.

  • Your kid will learn the art of coloring within a specified area.
  • Camel – An adventurous animal that roams the desert.

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2. Camel And Offspring:

This is a great picture to educate your child about the camel’s offspring.

  • Your child is now being introduced to the camel and her calf.
  • You can also share interesting facts about the camel calf with your kid. Calves are born with their eyes open and can run for only a few hours after being born.

3. Sitting Camel:

This is a great picture if your kid is used to coloring complex pictures.

  • It will increase his focus as he colors a camel and scenery.
  • You can tell your child about the fact that camels usually sit with their legs folded.

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4. Camel With Master:

This is a great picture as your child will learn about camels and their masters.

  • The camel’s master is in different attire. With this picture you can tell your kid about the different attire worn by people in various parts of the world.
  • It will also teach him to color additional objects.

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5. Arabic Man Riding Camel:

This picture will instill a sense of adventure in your kid.

  • Tell your child about how sturdy a camel is as well as the fact that they can travel the desert for long periods of time.
  • Make your kid aware that camels are the main source of transport in the desert for Arabic men.

6. Camel And Tent:

This picture shows a simple camel and a tent, which are easy to color.

  • Introduced your kid to a new word – ‘T’ for ‘Tent’ – a place where people stay in the open.
  • You can also associate tents with camping, another adventure activity.

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7. ‘C’ For Camel:

This picture will help your kid associate the letters of the alphabet with the animal.

  • He will be able to relate the alphabet ‘C’ with ‘Camel’.
  • You can ask him to revise the other alphabets too.

8. Camel Icon:

This picture is perfect if you do not want your kid to strain his eyes.

  • The closeness of the picture will build a better focus on your child.
  • It is suitable for your kid if he has just started coloring.

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9. Camel With A Load:

This picture will teach your child that camels carry a heavy load.

  • Tell your kid about the camel’s hump which uses it for storing water.
  • Your child will also learn about the camel’s ability to carry heavy loads for their master.

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10. Connect The Dots Camel:

This picture serves a dual role of allowing your child to test his ability to count while allowing him to color the picture too.

  • The image will help your child connect the dots by helping him revise counting from 1 onwards.
  • As a reward, he also gets to color the picture.

Hope these pages took your kid on an adventure through the desert!

You can also have option of Camel coloring pages to print for your kid and watch her enjoying coloring. We are sure not only will your darling enjoy painting these free printable camel coloring pages but will also use these camel coloring pages online and create a collage of it.

If you have any more picks of camel coloring pages printable, do share them with us and other moms too!