6 Effective Measures To Control Your Anger During Pregnancy

Anger During Pregnancy

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Are you dealing with anger issues? After searching the internet for a while, you probably gave up hope for finding an article that tells you how to control anger while pregnant. Here in this article you will read a few tips on how to deal with anger during pregnancy.

While the news of pregnancy comes with joy, it also brings with it immense physical changes. The physical changes become obvious as the abdominal line grows larger and the cute baby bump starts to appear from the fourth month of pregnancy. But what doesn’t become visible is the emotional change the mother undergoes during the long nine months.

The mood swings are both endearing and scary. While on one hand, you feel happy and joyful, you also find yourself crying at the drop of a hat. You end up shouting at people around you, only to be left guilty and resentful at the end of it all.

Do not blame yourself while these changes happen. Controlling anger is quite tough when you are pregnant. Here are a few tips

to make use of to prevent you from being controlled by anger.

How To Control Anger During Pregnancy:

Below are simple measures that you can implement while pregnant in order to control, if not completely suppress your anger:

1. Stop Worrying:

This is one of the biggest causes of anger in pregnancy.

  • The more your worry, the more you get flustered.
  • This causes a significant amount of impact on your emotional responses to those around you.
  • Put all your worries to rest, as these are all trivial concerns as compared to the bounty of joy that is on the way.

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2. Daydream:

Call this poetic, but dreaming about your future baby and your role as a mother helps to uplift your mood.

  • There is nothing wrong in day dreaming while you are pregnant.
  • Just imagine those loving visuals of spending time with your baby and bonding with your partner as you turn parents.
  • Visual imagination sows the seed of health and happiness in your subconscious, paving way to being a happy person.

3. Meditate:

Meditation and yoga help to deal with emotions during pregnancy.

  • Breathing exercises and practicing meditation not only takes care of your physical health, but also fine tunes your mental state.
  • Meditate for at least ten minutes every morning to derive the best results.

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4. Attend Support Forums:

If you are unable to manage your anger pattern, do not be dejected.

  • Attend support groups with pregnant mothers.
  • Sharing feeling with your partner helps to support each other to overcome the feeling of anxiety and helplessness.
  • Group initiatives and activities help in anger management.

5. Plan Your Day:

Planning your day in advance not only sets a routine, but also tunes your mind to the day as it progresses.

  • Make a conscious effort to utter some assertive statements such as “I will be happy throughout the day”, “I will not let the mood swings bring me down” etc.
  • This approach actually works, provided you stick to your plan sincerely.
  • Getting yourself busy also makes your day better.

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6. Avoid Altercations:

Whenever possible, stay away from pointless arguments and fights during pregnancy.

  • If you are a working woman, it is but natural to end up discussing and debating a topic with your peers.
  • Be mindful of the fact that you are a pregnant woman with mood swings.
  • Set the same expectations with your colleagues so that they understand and remember.
  • If you have a hostile environment at home, try and not venture into the enemy territory till you deliver.
  • Aggressiveness and emotional conflict can have direct impact on your growing baby.

There are exceptions, where you have been a subject of clinical depression in the past and now face a relapse during pregnancy (due to hormonal shifts). Take therapeutic help in such extreme cases. Talk to your doctor today to understand your options.

Remember that as an expecting mother, it is not the journey but the destination which is important.

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