10 Tips To Follow At Gym During Pregnancy

gym during pregnancy

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To hit the gym or to stay away from it – that is one of the many questions that some expecting mommies worry about.

While there are specific exercises for pregnancy, most doubt the continuation of a regular gym regime. We present to you the pros and cons of going to the gym with a baby bump.

Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy:

Doing some form of exercise, on a daily basis, will highly benefit you (unless expressly forbidden by the doctor!). Whether you are doing yoga or taking walks, you will reap the following benefits:

  • It will help to maintain your metabolism and keep your muscles toned.
  • The aches and cramps will be less severe.
  • Light exercise is advised for warding off breathlessness.
  • You will also be less likely to have constipation and nausea, which are common problems.
  • As you prepare the body for slight rigor and stretching, you will have a less painful labor.
  • The strength that you gain by exercising will help you handle your baby once she arrives.

Safe Gym Exercises For Pregnant Women:

Yes, pregnant women need to be careful. But let’s forget about those hundreds and thousands of women around the world who do difficult tasks, like farming or machine handling, throughout their pregnancy period!

What gym exercises are safe during pregnancy? There are a set of gym exercises which are certainly safe for moms-to-be. Check out them.

a. Cardiovascular Training:

This training, involving a simple set of exercises, will keep your heartbeat-to-breathing ratio hale and hearty.

  • Having a healthy heart is definitely good when you are expecting.
  • Plus, these exercises enhance your lung capacity, so that you breathe in more oxygen which is required for you and your baby.
  • Treadmills and cycles can be safely used, as long as you do not increase the speed too much.

b. Aerobics:

Whether done at home or at the gym, aerobics will provide you a nice workout.

  • Aerobic exercises keep you fit and give the flexibility to move at your own pace.
  • Exercises involving squatting, which strengthen the pelvic muscles, are good.
  • Make sure you go for the mild version of the exercise.

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c. Weight Training:

Mild weight training will help to keep the muscles toned.

  • It will also ensure that your weight is under control.
  • It will enhance your stamina and give you the strength to handle your new born.
  • Anything between 10 to 15 pounds must be safe for exercising.

You can also do Pilates, yoga or dance workouts. These will provide you the flexibility you need during delivery. Before doing any of these, don’t forget to get the go ahead from your doctor to do so.

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10 Tips For Safety At Gym During Pregnancy:

Before you begin your gym workout during pregnancy, it is always better to analyze the safety measures at the gym you are going to. Here are some effective tips to follow for safety at gym during pregnancy:

1. Find a gym that is easy to access and does not involve too much travel.

2. Invest in a good gym with a trainer, who is qualified to attend to expectant ladies. Not all professional trainers know about these conditions. So check up on their experience and qualification if possible.

3. Make sure that you do not over stress yourself. You must be able to hold a conversation while exercising.

4. Keep a track of your body temperature. The internal temperature must not be above 101 degrees; otherwise your baby will feel discomfort.

5. The heart rate should also be monitored. Do not go beyond 140 beats per minute.

6. Avoid doing workouts which need you to lie down on your back or put pressure on the abdomen, especially in the last trimester. So, crunches are completely out.

7. Drink lots of liquids when you are at the gym. Water, lemonades and juices will keep you hydrated.

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8. Watch out for infections. With so many people coming to the gym and using the same equipment, there is risk of infections.

9. Keep away from faulty equipment. Anything that seems broken or loose can cause accidents.

10. Slow down immediately if you feel breathless or dizzy, or have nausea. While it is fine to increase the time for which you exercise and repeat sets, refrain from taking your speed up during any exercise to avoid fatigue.

Every pregnancy is different and you must definitely consult your doctor before doing any exercise. Your health condition, medical history, age and other factors will affect your capacity to work out at the gym.

All the best and hope you will follow these tips before going to the gym during pregnancy. Do share with us your favorite gym fitness routine during pregnancy!

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