25 Best Horse Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Horses are considered one of the most handsome animals. There are around 400 different breeds of horses, each specializing in a variety of skills like racing and pulling wagons. Horses are known to be strong and fast; the characteristics they use to escape their predators. A young foal can stand and run on its own shortly after birth. Horses also hold a place of honor in many cultures. They are often linked to heroic exploits in war.

Children are very fond of animals, especially horses. They love them for their exceptional strength and beautiful features. We have compiled a fine collection of horse coloring pages printable for your little artist at home.

Top 25 Horse Coloring Pages For Kids

Horses are not ideal pets for kids, so the best way to teach your child about this grand animal is by providing them with some horse coloring pages to print. This article includes horse coloring sheets in cartoon and realistic forms. While coloring, provide your child with simple information about the horses, like the distinguishing characteristics and things they do.

1. Arabian Horse:

The beautiful horse you see here is the Arabian horse, a breed of horse that originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Arabian horses are the most easily recognizable and popular horse breeds in the world.
  • They are also one of the oldest breeds of horses.
  • It has a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage.

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2. Thoroughbred Horse:

Nurture your budding jockey with this coloring sheet, featuring a jockey on his Thoroughbred horse.

  • Your child will surely enjoy bringing life in this action packed scene. Make sure they color the ribbon attached to her bridle.
  • A thoroughbred is a breed of horse used in horse racing. These hot-blooded horses are known for their spirit, speed and agility.
  • Thoroughbred horses are also bred for other riding disciplines like polo, foxhunting and show jumping.

3. American Quarter Horse:

Here is a coloring sheet of American Quarter horse, an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distance. Your child can use any color he likes for filling this coloring sheet.

  • The American Quarter horse earned the name from its ability to beat other horses in races.
  • It is the most important breed of horse in the United States. This horse is known for its performance in horse shows and rodeos. It is also popular as a working ranch horse.
  • The compact body of this horse is well suited for barrel racing, calf roping and other western riding events.

4. Andalusian Horse:

This beautiful horse in this coloring sheet is Andalusian horse. This horse is also known as the Pure Spanish Horse.

  • It is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors had lived for thousands of years.
  • It is a strongly built and elegant horse with thick mane and tail. The most common color is gray.
  • This breed of horse is prized for its prowess and nobility. It is believed that the Andalusian horses were used by European and Spanish kings.

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5. Friesian Horse:

The Friesian horse is a horse breed that originated in Friesland.

  • It is believed that in the middle ages, the ancestors of the Friesian horses were used as war horses in the continental Europe.
  • The Friesian breed of horse is recognized by its black coat. Make sure your child uses black for coloring this handsome horse.

6. American Saddlebred:

The American Saddlebred is a breed of horse from the United States. It is believed to have descended from riding-type horses bred at the time of the American Revolution.

  • The American Saddlebred is known for its sense of presence, style and gentle spirit. They are known for their performance in the show ring.
  • They are found in several types of colors like brown, black and chestnut.

7. Mustang:

This coloring sheet features Mustang, a free-roaming horse that descended from horses brought to America by the Spanish. Share some more facts about Mustang with your child as he colors the sheet.

  • The word “Mustang” comes from the Mexican-Spanish word “mestengo”, which means stray livestock animal.
  • Mustangs are recognized as the living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.

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8. Akhal-Teke Horse:

Take your child for a ride on this horse with this fun coloring sheet.

  • Akhal-Teke is recognized as one of the most beautiful breed of horse in the world.
  • They are also known as the “Golden Horses” for their shiny coat. This horse is the national emblem of Turkmenistan.
  • Akhal-Teke horses are renowned for their speed, intelligence, endurance and distinctive, metallic sheen.
  • These horses are usually found in shades like golden, palomino, black, bay and chestnut.

9. Shire Horse:

Here is a coloring sheet of Shire horse, a breed of draught horse.

  • This breed of horse comes in many colors like black, gray and bay.
  • These horses stand tall at 64 inches.
  • The Shire horse has an enormous capacity for weight pulling. It is also popular as a pulling brewery wagon.

10. Belgian Horse:

The Belgian horse or the Belgian draft horse is a breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium.

  • It is one of the strongest and heaviest breeds of horse.
  • The Belgian horse is recognized for its agility and swiftness.
  • Belgian horses are light chestnut in color with a flaxen mane and tail. They have a relatively small and well-shaped head.

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11. Maximus:

Meet Maximus, a supporting character from the Disney film “Tangled”.

  • Maximus is a palace horse originally owed by the former captain of the Corona guard.
  • He is much more fierce and efficient than the captain, posing a threat to Flynn Ryder during his days as a thief.
  • This brave, bold and daring horse is feared more than his captain. He is very intelligent and can understand human speech well.
  • Maximus is a large, white horse with beige tail and mane. He wears a saddle with a sun symbol of the Kingdom.

12. Sitron:

The beautiful horse you see here is Sitron, a minor character from “Frozen”, a 2013 animated film. This coloring sheet will surely appeal to all the “Frozen” lovers.

  • Sitron is a Fjord horse native to Norway. It belongs to Prince Hans, one of the antagonists of this series. He accompanies the Prince to the kingdom of the Arendelle for Queen Elsa’s coronation.
  • Sitron is a round and strongly built horse, though not as solid as a large Draft horse. He has dun color coat, with a black and white mane.

13. Phillipe:

Phillipe is a horse from the film “Beauty and the Beast”. It is also the Clydesdale horse of Belle and Maurice.

  • In the film, Phillipe took Belle to the gates of the Beast’s castle.
  • Phillipe is a beautiful white horse who wears a golden colored pendant on his neck.

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14. Bullseye:

The cute horse you see here is Bullseye, Woody’s horse.

  • Bullseye is a toy horse and a part of Al’s collection. Gift your child a similar toy horse this festive season.
  • He is extremely affectionate towards Woody, Jessie and other toys.
  • Bullseye does not speak. Instead, he neighs.

15. Angus:

Meet Angus, a Scottish Clydesdale horse and Merida’s faithful companion in the film “Brave”.

  • It looks like this fearless horse is all set to thrash down Merida’s enemies.
  • Angus is a powerful Shire horse. It is a black colored horse with ivory muzzles.
  • He is named after a kind of cattle in Scotland that has been bred for meat and milk production since medieval times.
  • Angus can be stubborn, balky and faint hearted, but he is extremely loyal to Merida. They share a strong bond.

16. Samson:

This is Samson, the horse of Bella in “Sleeping Beauty”.

  • Samson is very faithful to his master Prince Phillip.
  • He always accompanies his master in his adventures.
  • He is an intelligent and astute horse who knows the way to his residence by memory.

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17. Major:

The horse you see here is no ordinary horse.

  • It is Cinderella’s horse, also known as Frou in the “Enchanted Stables” book collection.
  • The horse originally belonged to Cinderella’s father, which he gave to her at the time of his death.
  • Major is very close to Cinderella and offers her solace whenever she is shunned by her stepmother and stepsisters.
  • It is believed that Major also dreams of becoming royalty like Cinderella.

18. Sahara:

Here is a coloring sheet of Sahara, Princess Jasmine’s noble steed.

  • Your fairy tale lover will have a great time filling colors in the fancy reins of this horse.
  • Sahara is not a very friendly horse and gets angry at the slightest pretext.
  • He gets aggressive and violent at anyone who tries to get close to him.

19. Momma Horse With Her Foal:

Baby horses love their mothers just as much as kids.

  • This coloring sheet features a mommy horse and her foal enjoying some time together. Your preschooler will enjoy adding color to this loving duo.
  • Take this coloring sheet as an opportunity to explain the importance of family relationships in a child’s life.

20. Horse At The Barn:

Are you looking for a great coloring sheet for your horse lover? Then look no further.

  • This coloring sheet shows a horse resting by the barn. It looks like he had a tiring day at the farm.
  • Ask your child to bring live to this beautiful picture by filling some colors in it.
  • Teach your child more about the resting place of different animals as he colors the sheet.

21. Horse With The Jockey:

Horses are great racers and the horse in this coloring sheet is no exception. The coloring sheet shows a jockey riding his race horse. Will he win the race? Let your child decide as he colors the sheet.

  • Your young animal lover will definitely enjoy bringing this action packed scene to life.
  • This will also help him coloring inside the lines.
  • You can also ask your child to create a story to go with the picture. This will add more excitement and fun to your activity.

22. ‘H’ For Horse:

Give this coloring sheet to your preschooler to reinforce the shapes of the upper and lowercase ‘H’ letter.

  • This fun alphabet-coloring sheet will let your child color a hoofing horse while learning the shape and sound of H.
  • Ask them to write some other words starting with the letter H. This will improve their vocabulary skills.

23. Horse Love:

This is one of the cute horse coloring pictures featuring two horses showering affection on each other. This coloring sheet will surely warm the heart of your child.

  • Ask your child to color these loving horses in beautiful shades of brown.
  • They can also try shading on this picture. Ask him to paint the background in light colors like beige or light blue.
  • You can also print out this coloring sheet for your little horse lover.

24. Carousel Horse:

If your little child loves riding the carousel, then this coloring sheet will surely appeal to him.

  • Ask your little one to add some bright colors to this horse to make him go round and round.
  • You can also take your child for a circus show after coloring this sheet.

25. Trotting Horse:

Get your kid’s crayons ready for some fun coloring time. This mellow horse looks quite content trotting and eating hay all day.

  • Your child will surely have a blast adding color to this trotting horse-coloring sheet.
  • Make sure they color the trees in the background too!

Coloring is a fun filled educational activity for your kids. These free printable horse coloring pages online are an easy and convenient way to keep them busy for a while. You can also join your kids in this activity. This way you can spend some quality time with each other. Ask them of their favorite animals and provide them with coloring sheets of the same.

Don’t forget to share the beautiful experiences with other readers in the comment box below.