25 Popular Soccer Ball Coloring Pages For Soccer Loving Kids


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Football, also known as soccer in America, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. Kids, especially boys, love soccer. They spend hours with their friends playing soccer after school. They also collect cards and stickers of their favorite soccer players.

Top 10 Soccer Ball Coloring Pages For Kids:

Soccer is played in over 200 countries, making it one of the most popular sports in the world. The best way to extend your child’s love for soccer is by providing them with soccer ball coloring pages printable. Here are 10 such soccer ball coloring sheets!

1. Soccer Ball:

This coloring page features a soccer ball. A traditional soccer ball is made fro

m hexagons, pentagons and two flat shapes.

  • The soccer ball is usually black and white in color, but you can color it any way you like.
  • Ask your child to draw the logo or the flag of his favorite team to make this coloring page extra special.

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2. Boy Playing With The Soccer Ball:

Looks like the child in this picture is ready to make a goal with his newly acquired soccer ball!

  • Fill in some vibrant colors in this soccer player as he works on his moves.
  • Ask your kid to color the jersey in his team’s favorite colors.

3. Two Boys Playing With The Soccer Ball:

These two cute kids are racing to kick the ball towards the goalpost. Who do you think will make the first goal?

  • Ask your child about his favorite soccer team and players as he colors the page.
  • This coloring sheet is ideal for kids above 10 years.

4. 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball:

This soccer ball-coloring page is perfect for the soccer fans in your house. The coloring image features the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer ball.

  • The Adidas Barcuza was the official 2014 FIFA ball. The ball was designed by the Adidas and was manufactured and supplied by Forward Sports of Pakistan.
  • Your child will definitely enjoy adding color to this World Cup football. Ask him who won this World Cup to test his soccer knowledge.

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5. Little Girl Playing With The Ball:

Your little daughter will be excited to color this cute girl playing soccer ball on a sunny day. The sun is also smiling seeing her determination and dedication.

  • Your child will be enticed to use her imagination as she colors the page.
  • You can also describe about soccer to your kids as she paints the sheet.

6. Pooh Playing With The Ball:

Celebrate Super Bowl this season with this fun soccer ball coloring page. This soccer ball coloring page shows Winnie the Pooh having fun playing soccer.

  • Pooh is an anthropomorphic bear from the cartoon series named “Winnie the Pooh”. He is a kind hearted bear who loves spending time with his friends.
  • Ask your child to add some more decorations like cheering fans and other team members in the blank space.

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7. Connect The Dots:

This connect-the-dots soccer ball coloring page is a great activity for kids who love soccer. The sheet helps the kids practice connecting the dots by counting capital letters.

  • Ask your child to color the sheet after connecting the dots.
  • This sheet is printable so your kid can do this fun activity anytime they want.

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8. Goalie Saves The Ball:

Encourage your child’s creativity by helping him color the image of a goalkeeper diving to save a goal.

  • Ask your child to practice his fine motor skills by having him color in the goalpost.
  • I am sure your child will have fun coloring this spectacular save. This will also teach him to imitate the patterns in this coloring sheet.

9. Kitty Playing Soccer:

This kitten is all geared to make a goal. Looks like Kitty has been practicing hard for the soccer match. Do you think he will make it?

  • This coloring image is ideal for 10 years or older kids as it has intricate details.
  • Your child we sure have a blast coloring this sheet.

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10. SpongeBob Playing With The Soccer ball:

Take a timeout with your child to enjoy this coloring page, featuring SpongeBob Squarepants!

  • SpongeBob is a happy-go-lucky- sea sponge who resides in the town of Bikini Bottom. He is an optimistic and earnest boy, who does not think twice before helping his friends.
  • Ask your kid to color inside the line to improve his or her fine motor skills. This will lay a foundation of proper writing skill.

These soccer ball coloring pages to print are very essential that will help in overall development of the child. It improves their motor skills, increases concentration and sparks their creativity. You can use these free printable soccer ball coloring pages online in both classroom and home.

Do not forget to share your views on these soccer ball coloring pictures with us in the section below!