Is It Safe To Eat Oranges During Pregnancy?

oranges during pregnancy

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When you are expecting a new life, you must make sure you rely on healthy eating habits. You would certainly want nothing but the best for your little angel. What you eat determines how healthy and happy your baby is in your womb.

It is very essential to follow a healthy eating pattern packed with fruits, veggies, dairy products, meat and fish. Are oranges good during pregnancy? Among the different types of fruits, oranges are known to be rich sources of vitamin C that can keep you as well as your little baby healthy and in good mood all day long. Whether you make a tangy juice or enjoy the slices, both of you are sure to love the taste.

Why Consumption Of Oranges During Pregnancy Considered Unsafe?

While they are loaded with nutrition, keep the following in mind while eating orange during pregnancy:

  • Oranges being citric fruits can cause cold or sore throat during pregnancy. Chances of developing infections increase for both you as well as your baby.
  • Your immune system is weak during pregnancy. Thus, you can easily contract food borne diseases. You may be affected by Listeria, a kind of harmful bacteria that can cross the placenta and also make your unborn baby allergic.
  • Orange juice that comes under labels like “chilled” or “fresh squeezed” may contain bacteria that can result in food borne diseases. To be on the safer side you must choose labels that read “pasteurized”.

If you are suffering from food borne diseases, consumption of oranges may lead you to dehydration. You may experience complications like premature labor. In extreme cases it might also lead to miscarriages. Thus, it is very essential you consume oranges within limits.

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What Is Pasteurized Orange Juice?

Pasteurized orange juice is rich in calcium and increases the consumption of minerals required to build strong bones.

  • Fortified orange juice can be a good option if you are lactose intolerant or suffering from morning sickness.
  • Even though it is a good source of vitamin, you may need your daily dose of prenatal vitamin.

Consult your healthcare provider for suggestions and recommendations.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Oranges During Pregnancy:

According to the recommendations of National Institutes of Health, a pregnant mother must consume 85mg vitamin C every day.

Here is a quick look into the nutritional benefits that you and your unborn child will get from oranges:

1. Rich Source Of Vitamin C:

  • Oranges are rich sources of vitamin C that supports your immune system during pregnancy.
  • It releases zinc and iron from different foods that further strengthen the immune system.
  • Medical tests have confirmed that oranges help keeping your baby healthy apart from strengthening your immune system.
  • Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and therefore cannot be inside the body permanently. In order to reap its benefits, pregnant women should consume oranges every day.

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2. Reduce Allergic Reactions:

  • Research studies suggest that eating oranges reduce chances of wheeze and allergic conditions.
  • It also helps in proper brain development as well.

3. Folate:

  • Folate is known to be an essential vitamin during pregnancy. It helps in creation of blood cells and aids development of new tissues.
  • Birth weight of the fetus increases with increased intake of folate.
  • You require 5-10 times higher amount of folate during pregnancythan you otherwise would.
  • Folate helps prevent neural tube defects in the babies.
  • Oranges contain more than 9% of the recommended amount of folate you need every day.

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4. The Peel:

  • The orange peel contains the highest amount of vitamin C and thus you must not throw it away.
  • It is the potent source of antioxidants.
  • You can grate the peel and add it to salads to offer an additional boost to your body during pregnancy.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Oranges are anti-inflammatory which help treating the conditions like joint problems, arthritis, etc

6. Prevents Hypertension and Constipation:

The high potassium content present in oranges helps prevent high blood pressure in pregnant women. Also, it is a very good source of fiber which prevents problems related to constipation.

7. Treats Kidney Stones:

Oranges increase the pH value of urine and also increase the citric acid excretion from the body. The fruit is therefore a great remedy for kidney stone prevention.

8. Carotenoids:

The high carotenoid content in oranges helps in maintaining the respiratory health at optimal levels in both normal and pregnancy phases.

So, while oranges are extremely healthy, whether they are good for you and your baby can be best decided by your doctor. Make sure to consult her before you make any new additions to your daily diet.

Share your views and tips for expectant mommies to enjoy orange juice during pregnancy in the comment section below.

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