Top 25 Cowboy Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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It is a thumb rule in most mothers that they prefer to engage their kids in activities that are knowledge-worthy. Similarly most kids find such activities boring. So to make your kids happy and engaged, in something useful, at the same time coloring activity is the best option for you!

Kids love colors as the bright vibrant shades fascinate them and excite them into giving life to their creative side. So what better way than to use this love for coloring as a mode of instruction? You can even keep your kid occupied for a while with this fun activity with the satisfaction that he is doing something constructive with his time!

Top 10 Cowboy Coloring Pages For Kids:

A cowboy costume is, without a doubt, very popular among’st kids. So why not engage your kid with some cowboy coloring pages printable! Here are top 10 cowboy coloring sheets:

1. Cowboy Hat:

Let us start with the simple cowboy hat coloring page first.

  • This cowboy hat that has a star on it is simple and easy to color. You can tell them that this is the hat that all cowboys wear.
  • You can also get this hat for your kid as well!

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2. Cowboy Boots:

Another interesting part of cowboy’s dress is the cowboy boots!

  • This is a cowboy boot coloring page that shows a simple outline of cowboy shoes. Let your kid use his imagination to color this pair of shoes.
  • Why not getting your kid a pair of cowboy shoes!

3. Your Cowboy Guitarist:

Your kids will love coloring the little cowboy.

  • This picture shows a cowboy playing a guitar.
  • There are also two little mice in the corner and another little one on the guitar which adds a fun element to the picture.

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4. Donald Duck As Cowboy:

This image is ideal for your kid if he loves Uncle Donald.

  • This image shows Donald Duck in cowboy avatar.
  • You can also help your kid to choose colors as the picture has few curves.

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5. Male And Female With Cowboy Hats:

This coloring page is different from the previous pages.

  • This image shows both male and female donning cowboy hats with different designs.
  • With this picture, your kid can know that the cowboy hats are not only worn by boys, but girls can also use it.

6. Smiling Cowboy:

This is a cute picture of a cute cowboy.

  • Kids will have lot of fun while coloring such smiling faces.
  • After coloring, you can help your kid to cut this picture and use as a poster in his room.

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7. Cowboy With His Horse:

This is another simple, but very interesting image of a cowboy.

  • This image shows how the cowboy is trying to catch the horse with the rope.
  • Help your kid to color the picture in all the appropriate shades.

8. Say Hi To Mr. Cowboy:

This is another picture of cowboy with horse.

  • This picture shows the cowboy saying ‘hi’ to your kid.
  • Now that he has colored the previous picture with your help, let him color this picture with his favorite shades.

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9. Cowboy With A Gun:

Your kids would have seen this type of cartoon on television.

  • This picture shows the cowboy trying to shoot using his gun, but in turn being shot with an arrow!
  • Though there are few elements like gun, arrow, rock, cowboy hat and cowboy himself, your kid will find this easy to color as it is just simple outline.

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10. Mickey Mouse As Cowboy:

Ahh… look who is here! Your kids will love to color this picture.

  • This image will attract your kids as they can see their favorite cartoon Mickey Mouse and the horse.
  • Show your kids how cowboy hats are famous even with their favorite Mickey Mouse.

Hope you liked our collection of 10 free printable cowboy coloring pages online. After this coloring session, how about dressing your kid like a cowboy! Don’t forget to share your kid’s coloring experience by commenting below.