25 Cute & Funny Cookie Monster Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love


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Is your kid fond of the Muppets on Sesame Street? The furry little animals that sing and dance their way to your hearts from the TV set are full of life and can be quite entertaining as well. The cookie monster Muppet is among the famous characters and is popularly known for his enormous appetite and his love for cookies. He normally eats anything – from bananas to doughnuts.

One of the main reasons why he is so endearing to kids is because he loves chocolate chip cookies! Therefore, these cookie monster coloring pages to print should be a fun and exciting exercise for your kids. You may want to keep a plate of cookies ready, as a reward if she does well!

The 10 Best Cookie Monster Coloring Pa
ges For Kids:

These cookie monster coloring sheets will be quite fun for your kid to color because he or she may be a big fan of the Muppets, especially the cookie monster.

1. Got Some Cookies?:

This picture is perfect as it features the cookie monster’s favorite line on the show.

  • This picture is apt for children who have just begun coloring with crayons.
  • The famous saying mentioned on the top of the page will familiarize your kid to new words and spellings.

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2. Cookie Monster And Hearts:

This is a great picture as it highlights just how much the cookie monster loves his cookies.

  • This picture is relatively easy to color with defined lines to make things easier for your kid.
  • The little hearts at the top of the page can be colored in red, and glitter can be added to make things fun and bright.

3. Cookie Monster Eating Cookies:

This picture highlights the monster eating all the yummy cookies.

  • This picture focuses more on the cookies which are quite easy to color.
  • Teach your kid that the cookie monster not only eats cookies but loves fruits and vegetables too.

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4. Cookie Monster Christmas:

This picture shows the cookie monster against a Christmas background.

  • Your child will enjoy coloring this picturing especially during the Christmas season.
  • The giant wreath should be easy for your kid to color.

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5. ‘C’ For Cookie:

This picture will teach your kid about the alphabet associated with cookies.

  • This picture will teach your kid that ‘C’ stands for Cookie.
  • This picture will also teach your kid upper and lower forms of the alphabet.

6. Cookie Monster In Alphabet:

This picture also showcases the cookie monster with the alphabet ‘C’.

  • Your kid will once again learn that ‘C’ stands for Cookie Monster.
  • This picture should occupy your kid’s time while you run errands.

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7. Cookie Monster In Pool:

This picture is quite fun as it showcases the cookie monster in a pool with his cookie.

  • Your kid will enjoy coloring this picture, especially in summer, because of the presence of water in the image.
  • This outdoor picture is apt for kids that are slightly bigger than 5 years.

8. Cookie Monster Loves Cookies:

This picture is perfect for children who need larger images to focus their attention on.

  • He or she will learn to color within the specified limit owing to the close proximity of the image.
  • Once your kid has completed coloring the picture, don’t forget to reward him with a cookie.

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9. Cookie Monster Dreaming Of Cookies:

This picture is perfect as it shows just how in love the cookie monster is with cookies.

  • The picture is quite simple to color and may not require you to assist your kid.
  • You might want to show your kid an episode of Sesame Street for her to get a hang of things.

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10. Cookie Monster Is King:

This picture is a little complex owing to the multiple items.

  • Your kid will enjoy the fairy tale aspect of the picture.
  • Allow her the liberty to use the colors she wants for the picture.

These free printable cookie monster coloring pages online are fun and interesting. Your kid will love the exercise as it showcases cookie monster coloring pictures!

Do share the fun coloring moments with us in the comment box below mommies!