10 Best Princess Tiana Coloring Pages Your Little Girl Will Love To Color


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Princess Tiana is a prime example of how dreams do come true. Without a doubt, this set of coloring pages will excite your daughter and give her something to look forward to. Her costumes and her wonderful spirit towards life are just some of the things that most girls relate to. It also gives your little girl the opportunity to use an entire bevy of colors for her clothes, shoes and jewellery which she sports with grace and elegance. Let your little girl take an adventure of a lifetime even as she colors the beautiful pages. She will journey with the princess through the New Orleans bayou area and will also relate more to it because of her love for the TV series.

The 10 Best Disney Princess Tiana Coloring Pages:

These tiana coloring pages free to print will give your little girl so much to be excited about as it includes every girl’s dream – a princess, jewellery, clothes and shoes.

1. Princess Tiana Wearing Gown:

This outlined picture looks stunning despite being in black and white owing to the long, flowing gown worn by the princess.

  • Your little girl will be excited to color a full length picture; it will help exercise her finger muscles.
  • It introduces your kid to the beautiful world of the princess who dreams of owning her own restaurant. Teach your kid a valuable lesson on following her dreams.

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2. Princess With Frog Mask:

This picture is perfect for girls who enjoy observing little details of gowns and accessories.

  • The larger size of the image will help your child focus better on the picture.
  • Your child will learn better hand-eye coordination.

3. Princess With Kissing Frog:

This picture showcases the frog pouting its lips for the princess to kiss.

  • It will introduce your little girl to a new animal – frog.
  • The picture is slightly complex owing to the added elements of a dressing table, book and lamp.

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4. Princess With Bloated Frog:

This is a great picture as it showcases a funny bloated form with the princess.

  • This picture is apt for little girls around the age of 5 years.
  • The kiss between the princess and the frog results in the start of the long and fun journey.

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5. Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen:

This picture is perfect and showcases how people with different skin colors can fall in love.

  • This picture will ensure that your child colors within the specified area.
  • Your kid will enjoy the romance which this picture portrays; she can enlist the help of her brother to color the prince’s clothes.

6. Little Princess Tiana:

This picture is perfect for children who are just learning to color.

  • Your child will learn to color the motifs on the little princess’s dress.
  • It will make the picture more relatable to her because the princess in the picture is almost her age and height.

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7. Princess Tiana Wearing Tiara:

This picture showcases the princess wearing a beautiful tiara.

  • This picture will make your little girl very happy as it is every little girl’s dream to get married someday.
  • You can show your kid the dress you wore on your wedding day to bond better.

8. Princess And Prince Holding Hands:

This picture depicts how the curse is broken when the princess kisses the prince.

  • The picture is complex and is more apt for children above the age of 6 years.
  • You can narrate your own love story of how you and her dad met.
  • She might require a little help with the coloring.

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9. Princess Tiana Wishes:

This picture showcases the princess making a wish.

  • Your kid will enjoy coloring the sun which can be seen in the background.
  • The picture is perfect for beginners.

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10. Princess Tiana Kissing Frog:

This picture is cute and shows how the princess kisses the frog.

  • The journey of Princess Tiana begins with this one kiss.
  • You should watch the movie with your kid for her to get a better understanding of what she is coloring.

These free printable tiana coloring pages online should give your child a reason to smile because it is something she can relate to.

You can also use the princess tiana coloring sheets, once done, as posters in her bedroom to always encourage her to dream like the princess in the story. Don’t forget to share the stories mommies in the comment box below:

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