13 Tips To Deal With Cellulite During Pregnancy

Cellulite During Pregnancy

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You already know that morning sickness and big breasts are some of the main signs during pregnancy.

Another sign that is not uncommon is cellulite. It is famously known as ‘fat dimple.’

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a fat deposited usually in the thighs, buttocks and hips. It is not an unhealthy sign, but it makes you look awkward and lose confidence. Cellulite is worse during pregnancy because of your weight gain.

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Cellulite During Pregnancy – Reasons:

Reasons for cellulite vary from woman to woman. You have to find the reason behind cellulite when pregnant. Here are some known reasons:

1. High estrogen production in your body during pregnancy causes high fat production and deposition.

2. Genetic factors are also reason for hormonal changes.

3. Junk foods and sugary diet will also increase cellulite.

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4. Other hormonal changes as pregnancy resumes may form cellulite.

5. Excess water retention in your body will help cellulite deposits.

6. Low water consumption can lead to cellulite formation.

7. Your everyday lifestyle is also a major reason for cellulite.

8. Consumption of alcohol will definitely lead to cellulite formation in your body.

9. Connective tissues of your skin loosen during your pregnancy in order to ease delivery, in which fat accumulates.

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Cellulite Treatment:

You cannot follow a low diet, heavy exercise or apply the cellulite cream during pregnancy to fight the same. Following a simple lifestyle would help you to avoid cellulite and keep you and your baby healthy.

Here is all about pregnancy cellulite treatment you should be aware of.

a. During Pregnancy:

Treating cellulite in pregnancy is quite a difficult task. It is better to avoid cellulite than treating it. Remember to take your doctor’s approval before opting any treatment, whether in the form of massage, cream or other.

Here are some methods to eliminate cellulite:

  • Anti-cellulite massages by experienced therapists will be of some help in reducing cellulite.
  • Pressotherapy is helpful in reducing water retention in your body and thus reduce cellulite. It is a safe method during pregnancy, as it is applied on hips and legs only.

b. Treatments That Cannot Be Done During Pregnancy:

Treatment is good, but you should know which ones to avoid during your special phase of life.

  • Ultrasound and electrical stimulation are unsafe treatments during pregnancy.
  • Mesotherapy is recommended only after pregnancy.
  • Anti-cellulite cream is also considered dangerous, as active ingredients in the cream join the bloodstream and affect the fetus.

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c. Treating Cellulite After Pregnancy:

No doubt cellulite can be eliminated from your body after childbirth. Doctor’s advice is strongly recommended as every pregnancy is different from the other. Some of the effective treatments for cellulite postnatal are given below:

  • Easy abs exercises are a natural therapy to reduce cellulite.
  • Continue the same healthy diet as it was during pregnancy.
  • You can use anti-cellulite cream or gel of good brands.
  • You can absolutely use cellulite and fat reduction machine from good brands after pregnancy.

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13 Tips To Overcome Cellulite During Pregnancy:

Overcoming cellulite is not easy. You have to follow required diet and exercises to avoid cellulite. Follow the below tips to avoid the same:

1. Follow a natural and simple lifestyle to stay fit during pregnancy.

2. Do not conceive if you are overweight. Wait unless and until you reduce your weight and get into healthy eating habits.

3. Include berries, fiber rich food and vegetables in your diet to avoid water retention.

4. Do not consume food that is rich in sugar and saturated fat.

5. Do not include too much of carb in your diet.

6. Avoid consumption of high-salt food.

7. Walking keeps you healthy and fit as it improves metabolism and cardiovascular fitness.

8. Follow pregnancy exercises as per the instructions of an instructor or a doctor.

9. Consume a lot of vitamin C and E. It keeps your skin healthy and supple.

10. Including one tablespoon of flax seeds in your diet keeps your skin supple. As it contains omega-3 fatty acid that is very essential for your body.

11. Dry brushing your body helps in easy blood circulation and break-down of cellulite secreted under the skin. It eliminates it as waste.

12. A cup of green tea is better than a cup of coffee to avoid cellulite.

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13. Drink lots of water to remove toxins from your body and overcome water retention and dehydration.

Cellulite will not have a serious impact on your health but you may be worried about your looks after delivering a baby. If you do not want cellulite you have to follow the above tips.

Please share the above tips with your women friends. If you have more tips share them with our readers in the column below.

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