Is It Safe To Drink Soda During Pregnancy?

Soda During Pregnancy

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Congratulations mom-to-be! You are about to experience one of the best phase of your life. This calls for a party, indeed!

So, you are ready to celebrate and while doing so, are you considering soda as a suitable replacement for alcohol? No wait, the question should be, should you be drinking soda during pregnancy? This post carries all the answers you should know about soda consumption during your special phase of life.

Is Soda Safe During Pregnancy?

Women tend to pick on soda first because obviously it is a better option compared to wine and other kinds of alcohol. But drinking a glass of soda daily can create its own brand of complications!

Of course, we all understand very well that a pregnant woman has odd cravings during her pregnancy special months, but it is always wise to keep things in control.

On that note, let’s explore what really happens when there is regular intake of soda water during pregnancy.

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Harmful Effects Of Soda During Pregnancy:

Did you know soda has quite a number of disadvantages that could actually affect your baby’s health? If you weren’t aware so far, maybe it’s time you read this section carefully!

1. Caffeine:

Most drinks, such as colas, are full of caffeine. The problem with this ingredient is that it tends to cross the barrier of your placenta and reach the baby growing in your womb.

The small doses of caffeine don’t harm your child. But if caffeine is taken in excess, it could decrease blood flow in your body that would ultimately harm your kid. Excess caffeine makes you lose water and essential calcium. You might sleep less at night too!

Experts advise pregnant women to consume not more than 200 grams of caffeine every day. One glass of soda consists of 47 to 71 grams of caffeine. So before you gulp it down in gallons, do measure the drink!

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2. Unhealthy Or Empty Calories:

When you drink soda, do remember that not only it is unhealthy but full of empty calories and has zero nutrition. Inspite of knowing this, if you are still increasing your calorie intake, that is no good news at all.

Your baby requires vitamins and minerals for his or her development. If you focus on soda, you will not be able to keep your child healthy. Think about it!

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3. Causes Heartburn:

Sorry to break this to you, the soda-lover mommy-to-be, but carbonated drinks will trigger heartburn during those special months.

The content of caffeine in soda tends to make heartburn worse. If you begin to feel a sensation in your chest right after you have finished a glass, reduce of soda intake is recommended.

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How Safe Is Soda During Pregnancy?

So ask yourself, is soda all that great? The bottom line is that drinking soda when you are pregnant may not be the best choice to make but it isn’t the worst either.

  • If you are having soda once in awhile, it is absolutely alright.
  • In fact, experts like Dr. Elmer have said that occasional sodas come with no risk. The only advice given is that you indulge occasionally, in small amounts.
  • Experts also suggest you to get the caffeine fixed elsewhere if that is possible. So go ahead and opt for a small cup of organic tea or coffee instead. Just keep a track of the content you are consuming.
  • The best principle to follow during pregnancy is to keep every little thing in moderation!

Sodas might be full of flavor, but are clearly not the best drink to consume during your precious months.

Hope this article provided you with all the important details you were hoping to find. If you have found something interesting and would like to discuss with other expectant mothers. Please do share them in the comment section below:

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