4 Symptoms & 9 Causes Of Hot Flushes During Pregnancy

Hot Flushes

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Pregnancy is sure a roller coaster ride, with new changes and developments happening every single day. One such condition is hot flashes during pregnancy that you will most likely experience.

There is nothing to worry about it. Hot flushes are not only typically associated with menopause, but they happen during pregnancy as well. According to research findings, around 10% women experience hot flushes in early pregnancy. The flushes are a result of erratically fluctuating hormones during pregnancy.

The University of Pennsylvania conducted studies in 2010 and concluded that these hot flashes, also called hot flushes, are common in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Hot Flushes:

Look for the following hot flushes in pregnancy symptoms that you are likely to experience:

1. Sudden feeling of intense heat in the upper part

2. Palpitation

3. Too much sweating

4. Flushing of face, neck and chest

A single episode of hot flush during pregnancy stays for about

5 minutes. The frequency and intensity of the flushes tend to vary from women to women.

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Causes Behind Hot Flushes During Pregnancy:

Doctors have not yet been able to ascertain the causes behind hot flushes during early pregnancy, but generally link them with the brain and the hormones.

Here are some of the probable causes:

1. Your body temperature increases during pregnancy with fluctuation of hormones.

2. Stress levels increase with decrease in levels of estrogen. This forces your body to release epinephrine and norepinephrine in the bloodstream and increase flow of blood.

3. This result in rise in body temperature and you experience hot flushes.

4. You must be able to distinguish between fever and hot flushes during pregnancy.

5. If you get fever, your body temperature will rise.

6. Flushes on the other hand are more like heat sensations that tend to pass away.

7. You can easily distinguish between the two by taking temperature.

8. Get in touch with your doctor if you feel concerned.

9. You need to deal with hot flushes properly to avoid other complications.

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What You Can Do To Deal With Hot Flushes?

Hot flushes are linked with decrease in estrogen levels, so make sure your body gets necessary supports. Here is what you can do:

  • Firstly, you must have a healthy body.
  • Routine exercises and a balanced diet keep you healthy.
  • You need to follow healthy lifestyle practices as hot flushes are generally results of fluctuating hormones.
  • Herbal remedies can help tackle the problem of hot flushes. Dr. Chacon said, “Macafem nutrients help restore natural hormones in women. Unlike hormone drugs, which are basically resumed in taking synthetic hormones, Macafem acts totally different in your body. It nourishes and stimulates your own natural hormone production, by inducing the optimal functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands”.

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What Experts Say:

While hot flushes can be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable, these are generally harmless and you need not undergo any medical treatment for this. Here is what the experts have to say:

  • Women’s health specialist Unjali Malhotra at the Cross Roads Obstetrics and Gynecology in Vancouver said, “We try not to intervene more than we have to for the sake of a healthy pregnancy”. She further says that it is enough to exercise right, eat well and keep ice water ready to deal with the flushes. Those who are overweight tend to experience the flushes more as the fat tissues produce estrogen.
  • Journal of Nurse-Midwifery in 2010 study concluded that women who exercised regularly had fewer events of hot flashes.
  • Author of The Hormone Diet, Natasha Turner states it is important to maintain your blood sugar level. She also suggests hormone stabilizing supplements like fish oil and D vitamin.
  • She further stresses on the importance of keeping the anxiety levels low. Stressful situations invite hot flushes.

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The good news is that hot flushes are temporary and will wither away once your baby is born. So, whether you do anything about it or not, these problems won’t be there lifelong with you.

Accept this as yet another part of pregnancy. And you can always take comfort in the fact that as soon as your little bundle of joy arrives, all this will be gone, and you will be enjoying motherhood more than anything else.

Experienced hot flushes during your pregnancy? Then share your comments here and tell other mommies about it.

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