Is It Safe To Eat Pears During Pregnancy?

pears during pregnancy

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The diet of pregnant women should include healthy fruits. Many of you may love pears, but are doubtful whether to take them during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat pears during pregnancy? Well, if this is your doubt, let’s clear that this nutritious fruit is beneficial for a healthy pregnancy in many ways. Pears belong to the rose family and are closely associated with apples. This low calorie fruit can be incorporated in diet in different ways. While you can cook them in different ways, you may also add them in smoothies and enjoy the health benefits.

6 Health Benefits Of Pears During Pregnancy:

Pears have immense health benefits that make them an ideal addition in the pregnant diet. Here are some benefits of eating pears during pregnancy:

  1. Pears are good source of fiber that fights against constipation in pregnancy. Constipation becomes acute with intake of iron supplements at this time. A single pear contains 7 gm of fiber with 2 gm from pectin – A soluble fiber that helps
  1. Pears are very good source of vitamin C. A single pear contains 10 mg of the vitamin. While your daily requirement in pregnancy is around 85 mg, you can get some of it from pears. Vitamin C helps fight against infections when you go through the stressful times in pregnancy.

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  1. Vitamin C also helps in absorption of iron that you need in high amounts at this stage.
  1. A large pear is known to contain 14 mg of folate. Folic acid is extremely essential in the first trimester to reduce chances of neutral tube disorders. In pregnancy, you must take around 600 mg daily.
  1. While minerals like phosphorus, copper and potassium are found in abundance, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, sodium and calcium are found in lesser amounts.
  1. Pears can offer some relief if you are suffering from vomiting or nausea. You can treat stomach upsets with pear juice.

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Buying And Storing Tips:

When you are eating pears in pregnancy, make sure you know the whole truth. As it is about the small life developing inside you, you cannot take any chances. You must be well aware of the buying and storage tips, so that you enjoy maximum benefits from them:

    • You can keep pears with fruits like ripe banana at the room temperature in a brown bag to ensure ripening.
    • Pears do not change colors even when they are ripe. So, you can gauge them by touching. The ones that are ripe will feel soft and gentle near the stem.
    • To make sure they don’t start rotting, store them in the freezer.
    • Wash them gently and pat them dry.
    • Take the fruit along with the peel as it contains the highest amount of fiber.
    • You can use an apple corer to cut the pear and remove the core by cutting the base.
    • Pears turn brown once they are cut because of oxidation. You can add some citric acid like orange juice or lemon juice to prevent this.
    • You can add pears to salads or with other veggies like watercress and leeks.

    You can chop pears and add them to the oatmeal and enjoy the wholesome goodness in your breakfast. Add some honey for a tangy flavor.

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    As pregnancy weakens your immune system, makes your unborn child susceptible to parasites, viruses and bacteria causing food borne disease, you must be careful. Remember even if you do not feel ‘sick’, you may put at risk the life of the baby developing inside you with a single mistake. To ensure your unborn child is healthy and safe always consult with your doctor regarding the safety of foods you take.

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    Enjoy every new experience that comes with the joy of expecting your new born. Have pears and stay healthy! Do share your feeling with us.

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