Top 10 Dot-To-Dot Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Join & Color

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Dot to dot, also known as connect the dots, is a form of puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. The number can also be replaced with letters and other symbols.

Connect the dots coloring pages combine two fun skills in one – coloring and counting. A line is drawn connecting the dots, revealing the object. This coloring activity will teach your kid to identify and associate shapes and colors with objects. It is also a great tool for children who are learning to read the alphabets.

Top 10 Dot To Dot Coloring Pages For Kindergarten :

Connect the dots coloring sheets can help develop many important skills like color concept, hand-eye coordination and number compr

ehension. It also helps to reinforce the lessons that you have taught your child. Check out 10 dot to dot coloring pages printable for your kids here:

1. Little Fairy:

This little flower fairy is all set to perform some magical tricks. But, first you need to ask your kids to complete the picture by connecting the dots.

  • This coloring sheet will exercise their thinking and fine motor skills as they navigate from dot to dot.
  • Also, tell them to write a story to go with the scene.

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2. Race Car:

Challenge your first grader with fun racecar dot-to-dot coloring sheet. This racecar coloring sheet will help the younger children practice the upper case letters.

  • When your child is done connecting the dots, ask him to color the racecar and the track and watch it zoom off the page.
  • This coloring sheet will help your child recognize the capital letters and follow them in alphabetical order.

3. Hello Kitty:

Is your child a Hello Kitty fan? Then this coloring sheet will definitely appeal to her. The coloring sheet features Hello Kitty riding on a dolphin.

  • Here, your child does not need to follow any numerical or alphabetical order. She just needs to join all the dots to finish the picture.
  • This dot-to-dot coloring sheet is ideal for your preschooler kid.

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4. Rose:

Here is a rose coloring sheet to keep your kid occupied during the springs. Make sure your child has the red crayon handy so that she can color the rose once she is finished.

  • This is a perfect coloring sheet to add some flower power to your child’s coloring sheet collection.
  • You can also teach your child about different types of roses and their features while coloring this sheet.

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5. Horse:

Help your child practice number with this fun dot-to-dot horse-coloring sheet. The coloring sheet features a horse ready to take your child for a ride.

  • Ask your child to connect the dots from 1 to 24 to complete the picture of this horse.
  • When your child is finished connecting the number, ask her to color this cheerful horse in any shade she likes.

6. Teddy Bear:

Reinforce your child’s numerical skills with this fun dot-to-dot coloring sheets. Ask her to follow the numbers to complete this pretty picture of a teddy bear.

  • This teddy bear is also waiting for a friend to help him give colors.
  • So do not forget to ask your child to color this cute scene and later give a cute name to the teddy.

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7. Menorah:

Here is a menorah coloring sheet for your kid to color. All they need to do is connect the dots from 1 to 25 and then color it.

  • A menorah is a nine branched candelabrum lit during the eight days of Hanukkah.
  • It is a symbol of Judaism along with the Star of David.

8. A Cute Dog:

Here is a simple dot-to-dot coloring sheet for your dog lover. Ask your young child to join the dots carefully to reveal a terrier dog.

  • The result will surely appeal to your little dog lover.
  • You can also ask your child to draw a bone or a doghouse near this dog.

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9. Bob The Builder:

There is a mystery person hiding in the numbers. Who do you think it is? Ask your kid to follow the number 1 to 54 in order to reveal this popular cartoon character.

  • When he is done connecting the dots, tell your child to use red and orange for his shirt, blue for the overalls, brown for the shoes and yellow for the cap.
  • Bob the Builder is a popular cartoon series revolving around Bob, a building contractor who works with his colleague Wendy and his vehicles to repair the buildings of Bobs Ville.

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10. Chota Bheem:

What is Chota Bheem doing in this picture? To find out, complete the picture by connecting the dots from 1 to 54.

  • Chota Bheem is an Indian animated comedy series based on the adventures of a boy named Bheem and his friends in the Dholakpur city.
  • In the series, Bheem and his friends protect king Indravarma of Dholakpur from various evil forces.

These free printable dot to dot coloring pages online are effective learning tools that can be easily incorporated in teaching your preschoolers. It will help children learn numbers, counting and letters as they follow the order or sequence of numbers.

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