10 Cute & Funny Rabbit Coloring Pages For Your Toddler


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Rabbits are furry, soft and cute creatures found in the forests and woods. Their curious eyes, quiet nature and floppy ears never fail to amaze the animal lovers. Rabbits are adored by kids of all ages.

Children love to keep these furry creatures as pets. Rabbits have also featured in mythologies, important works of literature and in cartoons and animated films.

Top 10 Rabbit Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

This article brings some of the best rabbit coloring sheets for your kids to color. These rabbit coloring pictures will surely enhance your child’s artistic abilities.

1. Cute Rabbit:

Don’t you think this rabbit is the cutest? This cheeky rabbit-coloring sheet is perfect to color in f

or the Chinese New Year. We are sure your child will have some fun, quiet time with this coloring sheet.

  • You can use, pink, red and all the colors of the rainbow to color this sheet.
  • Rabbits often play the role of the trickster in the fairy tales and fables.

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2. Connect-The Numbers:

There is a mystery animal hidden behind the numbers. Ask your child to join the numbers to reveal the image.

  • Make sure they color the sheet after joining the dots. This coloring sheet will improve their fine motor skills as they navigate from dot to dot.
  • Do not forget to praise your little child for their work. This will encourage him to work more on these kinds of sheets.

3. Easter Bunny:

Easter is a holiday known for its bright colors. Ask your child to put his crayons to good use by coloring this adorable coloring sheet. This coloring sheet will surely get your child in the holiday spirit.

  • This coloring sheet features the Easter bunny, a legendary character that delivers the colored eggs, candies and gifts to the houses of children before Easter.
  • Easter bunnies are depicted as the judge for evaluating the behavior of every child at the beginning of the Easter season.

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4. Rabbit With Carrot:

This coloring sheet features a cute rabbit munching his favorite food-carrot.

  • Do you know why rabbits love to eat carrots? Because rabbits have, a sweet tooth and carrots are full of natural sugars. They love the carrot top more than the carrot root.
  • Share this and some more facts about rabbits with your children as he colors the sheet.

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5. Rabbit Saying Hello:

This rabbit is waving hello to you. It looks like he is going to deliver eggs to all the well-behaved kids.

  • The rabbit looks like a friendly fellow, hard at work.
  • Ask your child to use the bright and vibrant shades to color this sheet.

6. Mama Rabbit With Her Kids:

This is a beautiful coloring sheet of mama rabbit putting her offspring to sleep in her abode. Some of the kids are in deep slumber while some are pretending to be asleep.

  • This coloring sheet emphasizes the love a mother holds for her kids.
  • Strike up a conversation about rabbits and their offspring as your little ones color the sheet.

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7. Rabbits In The Forest:

This coloring sheet features a pair of rabbit in the grass near the woods.

  • One rabbit is sleeping peacefully on the grass while the other rabbit is looking at the butterflies in amazement.
  • This coloring sheet, with its beautiful scenery, furry rabbits and colorful flowers, will give your child a terrific opportunity to display his artistic talent.

8. Jackrabbit:

Turn your coloring session into a mini science lesson with this coloring sheet. This coloring sheet features Jackrabbit, a North American mammal closely related to hare.

  • It is scientifically known as Lepus californicus.
  • Like the hare, jackrabbits have distinctive long ears and long, powerful rear legs. Its fur is in dark buff and black and the insides of his leg are creamy. Ask your child to use these shades for coloring this jackrabbit.

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9. Bugs Bunny:

The handsome bunny you see here is Bugs, a funny animal cartoon from the “Looney Tunes” series. This speedy rabbit is in need of some color. Tell your child to take out his crayon set and paint him in beautiful colors.

  • Bugs is famous for his flippant and insouciant personality. His cunning and charismatic personality always gives him an advantage over his enemies.
  • He is extremely clever and capable of outsmarting anyone who despises him.

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10. Activity Sheet:

Here is a delightful activity and coloring sheet aimed at younger children. This activity will surely appeal to your kids.

  • Give the printouts of this coloring sheet to your children and ask them to count the number of rabbits and carrots on it. Reward the child who answers first.
  • When they are done counting, make them color the sheet. This coloring sheet will help improve their number recognition skills. you can also create your own rabbit coloring book.

These free printable rabbit coloring pages online will definitely bring a smile to your kid’s face. Do share your experience about these rabbit coloring pages free to print with us.